I’m a COD girl - TDM or Zombies
Dee Lever

Dee Lever

Marketing Manager

I run all things marketing here at Venom. I love that my role is different every day. One minute I could be working on the next promo with our fabulous brand sponsors, posting some great social content, or even writing up the next blog. I get to see the products come to life and launch these in market which is amazing.

Platform of choice:


Favourite game of all time

I’m a COD girl - TDM or Zombies

Your go to gaming snack?

Any dairy milk chocolate… or salt and vinegar crisps (mood dependant!)

First gaming device ever played?

The first ever PlayStation… so many Spyro memories

Favourite Venom product and why?

The Xbox LED stand. It looks amaaaazing.

What do you love most about Venom

I love that I get to work really closely with the wonderful gaming community. Every day is different and I’m super passionate about gaming.

Connect with me:

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