Coming Up: January 2024 Game Releases

Written by
Sarah Hook

It's time to kick off 2024 with a new month of brand new games coming to PC and console. January is typically a quieter month for the games industry but it seems January 2024 may not be as quiet as you would expect, with games including Tekken 8, Bulletstorm VR and The Last of Us Part 2 remastered being released this month gamers are almost spoilt for choice.

War Hospital - 11th January - PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown - 18th January - PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Bulletstorm VR - 18th January - PC, PS5, Quest

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered - 19th January - PS5

Palworld - January 2024 Early Access - 19th January - Xbox, PC

Tekken 8 - 26th January - PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth - 26th January - PlayStation, Xbox, PC

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