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We’ve been empowering gamers for just over 20 years.
Interested in our journey? You can view all of our key dates and milestones below!

Back in the final year of the 90's Venom was born! The company was set up by Founder and Director Chris Garwood with the vision to create gaming accessories which enhance play and empower gamers.
20 year history
Venom Dance mat
A real blast from the past... in 2002 we launched Dance Mats which were compatible with the PlayStation 2 and we sold over 1 million!
We manufactured and sold licensed Nintendo Flip and Play cases for Nintendo DS. There were 5 colours to choose from and these were especially good for playing Nintendogs and Brain Training on the go!
Nintendo DS Case
Xbox 360 Docking station
We launched our first ever docking station for Xbox 360 in August of 2009. This was the first of many to be developed and is now our best selling product to date.
When the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launched, we developed new docking stations to work with the controllers.
In February of 2018, we officially manufactured and sold the UK’s best-selling docking station for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
October - 2018
Venom docking stations available to purchase on Microsoft’s website
MARCH - 2019
This was a huge milestone for us and our team as we celebrated our 20th birthday!
20 Years of Venom
We wanted to create a good quality and affordable headset for gamers, thus, our Sabre Stereo Gaming headset was born.
Both Sony and Microsoft launched the latest consoles: The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. We got to work, and designed a brand new docking station for both consoles which aligned aesthetically to match the gaming set up.
We started off our LED range with the Colour Changing LED stand for the Xbox Series X.
After the launch of the Xbox version, we got busy developing a Colour Changing LED stand for the PS5! 

our Team

Sarah Hook

Marketing Manager
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My role has changed so much in the 4 years I’ve worked for Venom where I started off as a customer services operator. I’m now the customer services manager, I’m involved in the product development process and now the blog (with so much more in between!).

David Walters

Design Manager
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I joined the company in 2018 after hearing about the position from an ex colleague. I love the diversity of skills needed such as packaging and product design, photography, video editing, design for advertising, marketing and social media. Creative elements are required in so many areas of the business I’m never bored!

Dee Lever

Marketing Manager
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I run all things marketing here at Venom. I love that my role is different every day. One minute I could be working on the next promo with our fabulous brand sponsors, posting some great social content, or even writing up the next blog. I get to see the products come to life and launch these in market which is amazing.

Kiri Broad

Purchasing and Logistics Manager
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I am the Purchasing and Logistics Manager. I work with our sourcing team to manage the development of our products, from initial idea right through to the final design and manufacture. I’d known Venom for a number of years before coming to work here, and was driven for their ongoing passion for developing top class solutions for every gamer! Now I’m part of the team it’s great to see that passion continue into each new product concept!

Liam Willett

Despatch Assistant
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I’m the despatch assistant, so in short I help run the warehouse and ship out orders worldwide. I’ve always been a gaming fanatic, so when I saw the job advertised, I applied as quick as I could!

Estelle Ellis

Business Development Manager
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I’m the Business Development Manager. As a veteran of the gaming industry, (Having voiced over and motion captured for several games back in the noughties), my career’s natural progression has brought me to sales over the years and ultimately Venom. I currently now work with our Sales Director in ensuring our Venom products are sold everywhere!

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