Conker’s Bad Fur Day!
Estelle Ellis

Estelle Ellis

Business Development Manager

I’m the Business Development Manager. As a veteran of the gaming industry, (Having voiced over and motion captured for several games back in the noughties), my career’s natural progression has brought me to sales over the years and ultimately Venom. I currently now work with our Sales Director in ensuring our Venom products are sold everywhere!

Platform of choice:


Favourite game of all time

Conker’s Bad Fur Day!

Your go to gaming snack?

Candy Crush

First gaming device ever played?

Nintendo Game and Watch

Favourite Venom product and why?

The Sabre Headset… It’s a whole lot of headset for your money.

What do you love most about Venom

The industry is very small and amazing. You’re never very far from an old friend or colleague!

Connect with me:

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