All of the accessories you'll need for the Meta Quest 2

Written by
Dee Lever

 The Charging Station

 We’d like to introduce you to our brand new charging station for theMeta Quest 2. Our compact charging dock offers a convenient way to charge and store your device. Available on our website now for just £34.99 this clever charging station is the most aesthetically pleasing and organised on the market, keeping your controllers charged up and secure at all times, whilst looking extremely sleek and stylish.

The convenient charging station comes with  2 powerful rechargeable 1200m Ah battery packs that simply clip into your Touch Controllers to deliver fast efficient charging via your dock. It is designed to match your Quest 2 headset. It offers simple drop and charge functionality, for ease of use and much less fuss.

Powered by USB, the pack includes a 1 metre type-C charging cable which can be connected to any suitable USB output device or mains plug. The dock features 3 LED charge indicators, 1 for the headset and 2 touch controllers, which illuminate red when charging and turn to green when full charged.

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The Carry Case

As well as charging with ease, we’ve created a stylish and functional carry case to keep your Meta Quest safely stored away. The case is carefully designed and is fully cushioned to prevent any damage and for safe transportation. The case includes slots for the headset, controllers and a zip pouch for charger and other accessories. At just £29.99 we think it’s a must have to keep your Meta Quest protected at all times.

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The Power Bank

Our final accessory for your Meta Quest2, is our power bank. A great addition to the charging station this power bank will keep your head in the game with its simple but portable charging capabilities. Offering up to 2 hours additional game time, the light weight power bank simply slides on to the side of the Quest 2 Elite Strap and connects directly to the charging point. Now you can continue your Meta World adventures without fear of losing power or tripping over loose wires and cables. Weighing approximately 150g, you will barely notice the power bank in situ whilst your headset power will be extended by more than double. The power bank utilises simple one button charging and comes complete with the necessary USB charging cable for both the headset and for recharging the power bank when depleted.This product is only £19.99 and is also suitable for older Oculus Quest 2models.

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