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Our Guide to Back to School Gaming Essentials

Written by
Dee Lever

Where’s Alice Cooper when you need him? Seasons are changing, summer’s over, and school is back in session. And nobody likes last-minute school shopping trips. Whilst we can’t shop till we drop for you, there is some retail therapy we can help with you here.

Whether it’s for the kids or for you, get ready for a year of after school gaming sessions by stocking up on our accessories for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. Not sure where to start or what you need? Don’t worry, we’ve done our homework and walk you through the aisles with our guide to back to school gaming accessory essentials.

Get started with bundles

Get started before the bell rings with our bundles for PS5, Xbox Series X/S & Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Just like a pencil case filled with all those essentials, our bundles will start your gaming day off right, bringing all the accessories you need together. What’s included in each one? Keep reading to find out.

PS5 Accessories Bundle

Keep your controllers fully charged to drop in and game at any moment, whilst enjoying cinematic sound with our Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset. And keep yourself out of trouble with a controller rack to store your DualSense controllers safe and sound.

The PlayStation 5 bundle includes:

  1. Twin Docking Station in White
  2. Sabre Headset in White
  3. Controller Rack 
Xbox Series X/S & One Accessories Bundle

Last-minute after-school pro clubs session? Time to hit Fortnite before you head on the school run? Keep yourself charged overnight and throughout the day with our docking stations, and dive straight into the conversation with your mates with our headset – compatible for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X/S & One bundle includes:

  1. Twin Docking Station in White
  2. Sabre Headset in White
Xbox Series X Accessories Bundle

Become the envy of your friends and the pro gamer you deserve to be with our elite Xbox Series X accessories bundle. Combining our iconic twin docking station in black with a matching controller rack, tie up your tidy combo with our stylish LED stand.

The Xbox Series X bundle includes:

  1. Twin Docking Station in Black
  2. LED Stand
  3. Controller Rack

 Don’t miss out – stay charged!

We’ve all been there. You get a text from the squad – Apex Legends tonight? Obviously, you drop everything. But your controllers are dead, and you’re left out of the game. Nobody wants to let the team down, or miss out on making gaming history, so we’ve got an easy way to make sure you’re never caught short running out of juice.

Forget console wars, we make drop-and-dock charging stations for Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. No matter where your loyalties lie, we’ve got your back. Don’t let burnt-out joy-cons stop you from visiting Kirby’sDream Buffet, our Quad Charging Station for Nintendo Switch lets you charge up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at once, with individual LED indicators so you know when you’re fully charged and ready to go.

Planning on an 8-person marathon of all 6 episodes of AsDusk Falls? Don’t get left in the dust, stock up on our iconic twin docking stations for both PlayStation and Xbox. Whatever generation you’re gaming on, we’ve got a charging solution for you:

Play for hours in complete comfort

Whether you’ve got a school run to get ready for or you’re meant to be finishing your homework, gaming doesn’t stop – gamers play all day, every day. Our Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset (in Black and White)lets you plug in and play whenever, keeping the sound streaming into your ear so you won’t get caught out gaming out of hours.

Play for hours in complete comfort with its self-adjusting headband and cushioned ear cups, whilst enjoying superior sound thanks to its 50mm speaker drivers. Stay in the conversation and keep the banter coming with its mic and in-line controls with microphone mute functions.

Here’s everything you can expect from our Sabre StereoGaming Headset:

  • 50mm speaker drivers provide superior depth and clarity      
  • Fully retractable flexible microphone      
  • Self-adjusting cushioned headband for the perfect fit    
  • Soft cushioned ear cups for maximum comfort      
  • In-line controls with microphone mute function      
  • 1.2 metre braided cable with 3.5mm jack    
  • Includes splitter cable for PC users

Store your consoles in style

Consoles can take up a lot of space. And if there’s anything we’ve learnt over the years, its that gaming can take place in the tightest of places. But that doesn’t mean you can’t store your consoles safely – or stylishly! – so we developed LED stands for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X.

With built-in controls, countless colour options, and USB ports, our LED stands will take your storage game to the next level. Better yet, if you’re a streamer, your console will stand out from the competition. 

Now you’re ready for the next year!

Getting ready for a new school year is an event for the whole family. So when it’s all said and done, don’t forget to destress with some good old fashioned gaming. If you need anything else, you can discover all our gaming accessories here.

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