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A Quick Guide to Nintendo Switch Accessories

Written by
Dee Lever

Don’t fancy keeping your console in one place? The Nintendo Switch is the perfect portable gaming solution, which you can plug in and play at any point.

But if you’re going to join Mario and his Super Smash Bros., you’ll want to be prepared, right?

Whether you’re bringing the family together under one console, building islands in Animal Crossing with your friends, or flying solo, we’ve got the gaming accessories you need. In our quick guide to Nintendo Switch gaming accessories, we’ll tell you what they are and why you need them.

I’ve just bought a Nintendo Switch – are there starter kits?

Of course there is! Like Nintendo themselves, we’ve always been about empowering gamers. That’s why we created our Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch.

Why do I need a Nintendo Switch Starter Kit?

This one’s simple – do you want to win the race or settle for second best? Our starter kit for Nintendo Switch gives you everything you need to get off the ground from the moment you press play.

Don’t get left behind on the starting lap whilst your friends shoot off into pole position, get yourself into gear with a starter kit.

What does a Nintendo Switch Starter Kit include?

Whether it’s tending to our Animal Crossing islands, catching all our favourite Pokémon, or saving the world in The Legend Of Zelda; we spend a lot of time on our Nintendo Switch’s.

So, our starter kits come as the ultimate kit for gaming on the go. It’s got everything you need, including:

  • Keep your Nintendo Switch safe and protected when you’re on the move with our durable, robust EVA case.
  • Don’t miss out on your favourite games – use the internal mesh pocket to carry everything you need.
  • Long gone are days of gaming on dirty screens, use our glass screen protector to avoid dirt and scratches.
  • Whether you’re on the way to work or school, or travelling somewhere new; use our earbuds to play anytime, anywhere.

How do I keep my Nintendo Switch console charged?

Easy peasy, you’ll want to pick up our type-C USB AC adapter Power Supply. We also offer Nintendo Switch charging stations to keep your switch charged and ready to game.

Why do I need a Nintendo Switch Power Supply?

If you don’t want your gaming to stop, nothing is more important than making sure you’ve got a power supply on hand.

OurAC adapter can be used to charge your Nintendo Switch anywhere you are (as long as you can plug it in!) in portable mode, and it’ll power up your Switch Dock when you’re in TV mode.

What features does the Power Supply have?

Our Power Supply for Nintendo Switch doesn’t just keep you charged, it takes you to infinity and beyond with a bunch of handy features, such as:

  • Type-cUSB AC Mains adapter for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite with 1.8M cable length.
  • Can be used to charge the Nintendo Switch console in portable mode or power theNintendo Switch Dock when in TV mode.
  • Removes the need for constant unplugging and reconnecting when out with your Switch.
  • Identical input and output levels to the original Nintendo Switch power adapter.

How do I keep my Joy-Cons charged?

Ooh, we know this one! Look no further than our stylish drop and charge Quad Charging Station for Nintendo Switch.

Why do I need a Nintendo Switch Quad Charging Station? 

Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con’s take wireless gaming to the next level. The days of rage quitting and pulling your console halfway across the room are long gone. Without wires, it’s a safer living space.

Unfortunately, it means you’ll need to keep tabs on your controllers. With our docking stations, you’ll never have to worry about gaming FOMO. Simply drop in your controller and you’ll be back up and running in no time.

What features do Quad Charging Stations have? 

We see our Quad Charging Stations like we see Nook Miles: they’re the rewards that keep on giving. Here’s the key features you need to know:

  • Keep you and your friends gaming with up to 4 slots for your Joy-Con controllers.
  • You’ll know when you’re ready to get gaming again with individual LED’s indicating charge levels for each Joy-Con, which turn from red to blue when fully charged.
  • Stay stylish as our Matt finish matches your Nintendo Switch
  • Don’t get stuck in the mud, our USB cable lets you plug in and charge wherever you are.

Where can I keep my Nintendo Switch games when I’m on the go?

Gaming on the go is everything we’ve ever wanted. So we made not one, but two, ways for you to keep your games safe when you’re on the move: our Carry Case and Protective Shell Case.

Why do I need somewhere to store my games?

When the world first got introduced to the Nintendo Switch, we all clapped for the return of portable gaming. But if you can’t keep your games with you on the go, what’s the point, right? Whether it’s our Protective Shell Case or Carry Case, don’t let gaming FOMO come for you.

What features does the Carry Case come with?

Keep your Nintendo Switch console, dock and accessories protected on the move with this stylish yet sturdy carry case. Loaded with more goods than a treasure chest, here’s what you can expect:

  • Robust outer shell to protect from bumps and scratches.
  • Adjustable carry strap to keep things comfy on the go.
  • Internal foam fits perfectly around your console and accessories.  
  • Holds up to 21 games, so you’ll have all the options you’ll ever need.

What features does the Protective Shell Case come with?

Keep your Switch console protected wherever you go with the robust shell case. Store up to 8 games, while gaming either in handheld mode or via your dock. Features include:

  • Matt hand grips for added gameplay comfort
  • Clear hard-shell case provides a perfect fit and protects your console    
  • Built-in storage for up to 8 game cartridges     
  • Ergonomically designed matt hand grips for added comfort     
  • Includes a 9H tempered glass screen protector to prevent scratches     
  • No need to remove the case when docking your Switch console

How do I chat to my friends online whilst we play?

You’ll want to double-up your comfort and cop a pair of our gaming headsets for our Nintendo Switch.

Experience immersive in-game sound and chat with our Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset and Nighthawk Chat and Stereo headsets. 

Do you like streaming? Even better, you’ll have all the comfort you need for in-depth play-throughs AND you’ll look stylish doing it with slick, console-matching designs.

Why do I need a gaming headset for my Nintendo Switch?

Why wouldn’t you want one? Here’s a handful of reasons why you’ll want to grab yourself a headset as soon as possible:

  1. You can game from dusk to dawn without disturbing your housemates – and fully immerse yourself into your gaming at the same time!
  2. On the flipside, you’ll block out annoying brothers and barking dogs for maximum concentration.
  3. Say goodbye to stopping your game to text back your mates – our headsets let you chat as you play so you won’t miss a beat.
  4. Seeing a film in a cinema benefits from surround sound – playing your PS5 with a headset is just the same. Go on, treat yourself to superior sound quality now.

What features do headsets for Nintendo Switch have?

Whilst all our headsets are unique, they’ve all got some universal features to get you going. Unlike that level you’re stuck on, we’ll unlock them for you below:

  • No head is the same, so all our headsets have adjustable soft-cushioned headbands to keep things comfortable.
  • And that’s not all – soft-cushioned ear cups double up the comfort.
  • Fully adjustable microphones mean you can get chatting in an instant and slide it out of the way when it’s time for solo play.
  • Mum’s knocking on your door for dinner? No worries, you can mute your mic in an instant.
  • 50mm (Sabre) and  40mm (Nighthawk) speaker drivers provide superior depth and clarity for the ultimate gaming experience.

Am I ready to get gaming now?

Absolutely! Simply start up your Nintendo Switch wherever you are, grab your favourite game, pop on your headset and get gaming.

Our mission is to empower gamers and offer the ultimate experience. So, we know there’s always more gaming accessories to add to your collection. You can discover our full range for Nintendo Switch here.


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