Destiny 2
Kiri Broad

Kiri Broad

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

I am the Purchasing and Logistics Manager. I work with our sourcing team to manage the development of our products, from initial idea right through to the final design and manufacture. I’d known Venom for a number of years before coming to work here, and was driven for their ongoing passion for developing top class solutions for every gamer! Now I’m part of the team it’s great to see that passion continue into each new product concept!

Platform of choice:


Favourite game of all time

Destiny 2

Your go to gaming snack?

First gaming device ever played?

Sega Mega Drive

Favourite Venom product and why?

What do you love most about Venom

I love that every day is different. I cannot predict what tomorrow will hold and that excitement for what’s to come will always be there!

Connect with me:

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