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Father’s Day 2022: 5 Last Minute Gifts for Gaming Dad’s

Written by
Kiri Broad

Father’s Day is youryearly reminder to celebrate dear old dad. Whether you’re bringing himbreakfast in bed, mowing the lawn, or sparking up the BBQ, it’s your chance toreally make your dad feel extra special. And it’s coming soon – Sunday

Sure, alcohol and chocolate are staple gifts for Father’s Day. But what about our dads who like to game as much as we do? Whether you’re looking for gift ideas to spark inspiration or you’ve completely forgot about it, here’s 5 last minute gifts for dad’s who love to game.

Venom Gaming’s Accessories Bundles

Forget the console wars, we’ve got a gift that’s perfect for all gaming dad’s no matter what they play. Our PS5Xbox Series X/S & One, and Xbox Series X gaming accessory bundles are the gifts that keep on giving all year round.

Packed with more variety than Forza Horizon 5’s vehicle choices, our bundles bring together our best accessories for all gamers. Whether it’s our twin docking stations and controller racks for PS5, our universal sabre headsets, or our Xbox Series X Colour Change LED stand, the bundles let you share more than just love with dear old dad.

Oh, and there’s free delivery for orders over £30, so you can tell Michael Scott it’s a win-win-win on us.

Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers

If there’s one thing every dad loves, it’s slipping on a cosy pair of slippers. And what better gift for gaming dads than a pair of slippers that show off their love for all thing’s video games. It’s a good idea, right? So, look no further than this pair of Super Mario Piranha Plant Slippers.

Made of soft plush and filled with PP Cotton, these piranha plant slippers feel as good as they look. Whilst they might give Mario andLuigi a run for their money, storage has never been easy as they fit into a plush pipe.

All you need to do now is stick the kettle on, and those brownie points from dad are all yours.

Call Of Duty Perk-A-Cola Six Pack Desk Light

You can say you spend all night on Call of Duty, but really it’s your dad who’s knocking down Zombies right?

Whilst in war there’s no prize for the runner-up, show some love this Father’s Day with the Call Of Duty Perk-A-Cola Six Pack Desk Light. Powered via USB (with the cable included!) or 3 x AAA batteries, this stunning desk light has 3 modes to choose from: solid, phase, and sound-reactive.

Why not play a part in making your dad the coolest in the office with a desk light like no other?

100 Games Bucket List Scratch Off Poster

Why spend your hard-earned Simoleon’s on something for just Dad, when you can spend them on something for you both? Team up and take on the ultimate gaming challenge with this 100 Games Bucket List Scratch Off Poster.

Say goodbye to your social lives and hello to spending quality time as you and your dad battle through classic after classic, scratching them off on the poster when you’re done. Whether you’re revisiting classic platformers like Spyro The Dragon or becoming legends of rock with Guitar Hero III, the world is well and truly your oyster.

Final Fantasy XIV: The Official Cookbook

Fancy something different for dinner? Why not help dad dish up some delights with Final Fantasy XIV: The Official Cookbook.

Based on the delicacies and flavours of Hydaelyn and Eorzea, this official cookbook is filled with all the foods your father needs for his next quest. Whether it’s Norvrandt’s famous Farmer’s Breakfast, Coerthas Knight’s Bread, or La Nocea’s Rolanberry Cheesecake, the goods are ready to whip up.

If Final Fantasy isn’t to your dad’s taste, maybe try the official cookbooks for Star Wars: Galaxy’s EdgeWorld of Warcraft, or Fallout.

Don’t forget our gaming accessories

Here’s a bonus round for you all. Don’t forget our gaming accessories. Sure, we’ve talked about our bundles, but we’ve got a whole lot more to offer. We empower gamers (and dads)all over with our chargingstoragegrips, and headset accessories for XboxPlayStation and Nintendo.

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