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A Quick Guide to our new PlayStation 5 Gaming Accessories

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Kiri Broad

Have you been raiding the shops for restocked PlayStation 5’s? Or are you just getting round to opening those Christmas presents? Maybe you’ve been gaming for a while and fancy an upgrade? Whatever your situation, we’ve got the gaming accessories you’re looking for. 

If you need a beginners guide to PlayStation 5 Gaming Accessories, you can check out our quick guide. And if you’re looking to be the envy of all your friends, keep reading and discover our latest gaming accessories for PlayStation. We’ll go through what they are, why you need them, and how you can get your hands on them.

Can I customise my PlayStation 5?

This is the easiest answer we’ll give all day…absolutely, yes! You’ll want to make a start with our brand new Colour Change LED Stand for PlayStation 5.

Why do I need a colour change LED stand for PlayStation 5?

Gaming’s come along way since the days of sofa-surfing at your mate’s to play different games. Everyone’s online, and everyone’s watching. Whether it’s YouTube or Twitch, if you’re streaming, you want a set-up that suits you and lets you game in style.

Our colour change LED stand is perfect for streamers, and gamers of all vibes. With 8 colours to choose from at any time, you can turn your PlayStation 5 into the centrepiece of your setup.

What features does a colour change LED stand have?

Like a loot crate but way cooler, our Colour Change LEDStand for PlayStation 5 takes your gaming to the next level. And that’s not all, it’s got all these features to get excited about:

  1. Built in controls, including ON/OFF, colour settings, brightness, pulsing glow or solid light      
  2. 8 colour options including: blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, white and multi colour cycle      
  3. USB powered with 20cm cable which plugs directly into your console
  4. Powers on and off with your console

How do I keep my PlayStation 5 clean?

This one’s as easy as pie! All you need to do is grab yourself our 5-in-1 PS5 Cleaning Kit for all the tools it’ll take to keep your PlayStation looking as good as new all year round.

Why do I need a PS5 Cleaning Kit?

Gaming consoles are for life, not just for Christmas. And keeping your PlayStation 5 clean and tidy is the easiest way to avoid saying goodbye to it early. You’d be surprised how much chaos a speck of dust or a dashing of dirt can do to our consoles, so if you pick up any games accessory today – let it be this one.

What features does a PS5 Cleaning Kit have?

If our PS5 Cleaning Kit was a video game, it would be LEGOStar Wars: The Skywalker Saga because it’s jam-packed to the rafters with unlockable content. Seriously! Don’t believe us? Here’s everything that’s included in this accessory:

  1. 5-in-1 cleaning and maintenance kit for PlayStation 5 consoles
  2. Includes PH00, PH0 Phillips screwdriver heads as well as a T8h Torx security screwdriver head – all the tools required to access your PS5 console
  3. Screwdriver heads are made using premium heat-treated S2 steel for added durability and strength
  4. Comes complete with cleaning brush, opening tool and scraper to help maintain and prolong the life of your console
  5. Supplied with convenient storage case to keep tools safe when not in use

Where can I keep my controllers when I’m travelling?

We wish Elden Ring was this easy – simply pick up our Universal Controller Carry Case to keep your controllers safe and sound wherever you roam, whether it’s Ragnarök, Hyrule, or the Lands Between.

Why do I need a Universal Controller Carry Case?

Don’t let your DualSense get damaged when you’re on-the-go. Whether you’re heading to a mates, hitting up a convention or tournament, or moving house, our Universal Controller Carry Case keeps your controller protected and prevents scuffs so you can still game in style.

What features does a Universal Controller Carry Case have?

When it comes to creating gaming accessories, we like to give you more bang for your buck. That’s why our universal controller carry case for PS5 has more features than the Hogwarts Legacy trailer. And that’s a lot:

  1. Sturdy outer shell with soft padded interior to keep your controller protected when on the move
  2. Includes additional mesh compartment to store charging cables and other small accessories
  3. Reinforced carrying handle for added security
  4. Suitable for most official and third party controllers including PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia

Am I ready to get gaming now?

Absolutely! Simply start up your PlayStation 5, pop on your headset, apply your thumb grips and get gaming. 

Our mission is to empower gamers and offer the ultimate experience. So we know there’s always more gaming accessories to add to your collection. You can view our full range for PlayStation 5 here.

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