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A Quick Guide to PlayStation 5 Gaming Accessories 2021

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Dee Lever

Christmas is coming. And if Santa’s slipping a PlayStation 5 under your tree, you’ll want to be prepared, right?

Whether you’re bringing the family together under one console, getting online with your mates, or flying solo, we’ve got the gaming accessories you need. In our quick guide to PlayStation 5 gaming accessories, we’ll tell you what they are and why you need them.


How do I keep my controllers charged?

This one’s simple. Look no further than our stylish drop and charge single and twin docking stations.  


Why do I need a PS5 docking station?

Your PS5 DUALSENSE™ controller takes wireless gaming to the next level. The days of rage quitting and pulling your console halfway across the room are long gone. Without wires, it’s a safer living space.

Unfortunately, it means you’ll need to keep tabs on your controllers. With our docking stations, you’ll never have to worry about gaming FOMO. Simply drop in your controller and you’ll be back up and running in no time.


What features do docking stations have?

We see our docking stations like we see trophies: they’re the rewards that keep on giving. Here’s the key features you need to know:

  • Drop and charge design keeps fiddly wires out of the way with a space-friendly charging dongle.
  • Front LED indicator keeps you in the know – glows red for charging and blue for full power.
  • You get a detachable 1 metre USB to USB type C charging cable for complete flexibility.
  • We know the world doesn’t stop whilst you game.So we’ve added an additional rear USB port so you can charge your other devices.

Where can I keep my controllers when I’m not gaming?

Another easy one. Our controller racks hook securely to your PS5, keeping your gaming set-up close together. It’s low-profile, space-saving design keeps it all neat and tidy, keeping you head in the game.


Why do I need a PS5 controller rack?

Long gone are the days of gamers being compared to sloths. In the age of streaming, style is everything. Controller racks for your PlayStation 5 offer minimal mess and maximum cool, designed to match your set-up.  

Not only do controller racks declutter your room, they’ll keep your controllers off of the floor and away from your pets. Nobody wants to play Call of Duty with a controller covered in cat hair, surely?


What features do controller racks have?

Our PlayStation 5 controller racks are the space-saving droids – we mean storage units – you’re looking for. Don’t believe us? Here’s a few of their features:

  • No need to game solo – these racks store up to two controllers.
  • It’s sturdy design hooks straight onto the side of your console – so you’re not losing any space.
  • Rubberised contact protectors prevent any damage to your console so you’ve got peace of mind whilst you game.


How do I chat to my friends online whilst we play?

You’ll want to double-up your comfort and cop a pair of our gaming headsets for your PlayStation 5.  

Experience immersive in-game sound and chat with our Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset and Nighthawk Chat and Stereo headsets. 

Do you like streaming? Even better, you’ll have all the comfort you need for in-depth playthroughs AND you’ll look stylish doing it with slick, console-matching designs.


Why do I need a gaming headset for my PS5?

Why wouldn’t you want one? Here’s a handful of reasons why you’ll want to grab yourself a headset as soon as possible:

  1. You can game from dusk to dawn without disturbing your housemates – and fully immerse yourself into your gaming at the same time!
  2. On the flipside, you’ll block out annoying brothers and barking dogs for maximum concentration.
  3. Say goodbye to stopping your game to text back your mates – our headsets let you chat as you play so you won’t miss a beat.
  4. Seeing a film in a cinema benefits from surround sound – playing your PS5 with a headset is just the same. Go on, treat yourself to superior sound quality now.


What features do headsets for PlayStation 5 have?

 Whilst all our headsets are unique, they’ve all got some universal features to get you going. Unlike that level you’re stuck on, we’ll unlock them for you below:

  • No head is the same, so all our headsets have adjustable soft-cushioned headbands to keep things comfortable.
  • And that’s not all – soft-cushioned ear cups double up the comfort.
  • Fully adjustable microphones mean you can get chatting in an instant and slide it out of the way when it’s time for solo play.
  • Mum’s knocking on your door for dinner? No worries, you can mute your mic in an instant.
  • 50mm (Sabre)and 40mm (Nighthawk) speaker drivers provide superior depth and clarity for the ultimate gaming experience.


What are thumb grips and why should I use them?

Thumb grips – or joysticks, as those of you over a certain age will fondly remember – are where the action happens on your PlayStation 5 controller.

If you plan on playing a lot, you’ll find they’ll wear and tear. And that’s fine.

But do you want to play like the pros?

If the answer’s yes – and if not, why not? – you’ll want our detachable thumb grips for complete control.

A slip of a finger or a slight nudge too far and your big play could be over in minutes. With our thumb grips, that’s a thing of the past. Offering a new level of precision whilst you play, you’ll have the power of your controller at the tip of your fingers – well, thumbs.


What features do thumb grips for PlayStation 5 have?

  • They’re fully compatible with your PS5 DUALSENSE™ controllers.
  • You can choose from different heights to reduce strain and react faster.
  • Their non-slip textured surface improves your grip for complete control.


Am I ready to get gaming now?

Absolutely! Simply start up your PlayStation 5, pop on your headset, apply your thumb grips and get gaming. 

Our mission is to empower gamers and offer the ultimate experience. So we know there’s always more gaming accessories to add to your collection. You can view our full range for PlayStation 5 here.

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