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A Life In Games #3 - Kiri

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Kiri Broad

We've been enhancing play and empowering gamers for over 20 years. Our range of gaming accessories cover everything from headsets and grips to charging and storage, so we've got everything you need, whether you're just starting your video games journey or you've spent your whole life in front of consoles.

But what about the team behind it all? Well, we live and breathe gaming.When we're not bringing you our accessories, we're spending time gaming ourselves. So, we know just how magical and special gaming can be, and the impact video games can have on our lives.

With this in mind, we thought we'd draw back the curtain and introduce ourselves, so without further ado, welcome to the next instalment of our bi-weekly feature A Life In Games. Next up is our Purchasing and Logistics Manager,Kiri!

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What’s your name?


What’s your role at Venom Gaming?

Purchasing and Logistics Manager

What does your typical day look like?

I never have 2 days the same at Venom – and that’s what I love!

A large part of my role is to manage the incoming goods, so I spend a fair bit of my day reviewing production timelines, inbound shipments, and delivery schedules, which are always moving. I dip my toe in the product development too, which is always fun.

What’s your earliest memory of gaming?

I never had my own gaming device when I was small, and my mean big brother would never let me play on his, so the only time I managed to get my hands on a controller was at my Grandparents on the shared Sega Megadrive they had.

Sonic was my go to – I remember the feeling of panic when he’d end up under the water and that music would kick in when he’d start to run out of air…

...and then the utter relief when a little air bubble would appear and buy me more time!

What’s your favourite game of all time?

I’m a big lover of the Destiny games and tend to always gravitate towardsDestiny 2, but I’d have to say my all-time favourite has got to be Mario Kart!

What game reminds you of your childhood?

Street Fighter! It’s the only game my brother would let me play, but I’mconvinced that’s just so he could laugh at me when I lost, which I must admitwas a regular occurrence. I’m glad my gaming prowess as improved!

What game is your happy place?

Destiny 2! Even when there’s no story left to play, and the bounties are becoming repetitive, I absolutely love the visuals of this game. The detail is incredible,and the scenery is stunning!

If you could make any game, what game would it be?

Spyro – I’d love to be responsible for that cute little dragon!

What’s your must-have gaming accessory?

Our twin charging dock, without doubt. It completely removes the worry of charge running out and I know that every time I log on for a decent gaming session,I’ll have plenty of power to get me through.

And finally – PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo?

We have all three in our house, but I’m an Xbox girl at heart. I love my Nintendo Switch purely because it’s portable, but for a long stretch in front of the screen,the interface and power of the Xbox, for me, is unbeatable!

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