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Our Guide To Gaming Over The Holidays This Christmas 2022

Written by
Kiri Broad

Trees decorated from head-to-toe in baubles, tinsel, and lights. Houses filled with the smell of mulled wine, gingerbread, and turkey. And sacks of presents for Santa to deliver sat under the tree. It could only mean one thing…it’s Christmas!!!

Whether you’re home alone like Kevin McCallister, driving home for Christmas like Chris Rea, or gearing up for a holiday season as chaotic as Love Actually, make every moment matter even more with everyone’s favourite fun-filled activity: gaming!

Unsure on what to play? Don’t worry; here’s our ultimate guide to gaming during the Christmas holidays.

For Families

With everyone home for the holidays, there’s no time like the present to play the silliest games together. Get on your dancing shoes and share a drink or two before taking on Just Dance 2023. With up to 6 of you strutting your stuff at any time, it’s the karaoke session you need without the awful singing along.

Fancy some family bonding instead this Christmas? Channel the chaos of moving house into your living room in the wonderfully entertaining co-op simulator Moving Out. The aim is simple: get everything out the house, into the van, and don’t break anything – but don’t forget, the physics are funky.

If you’d like to take your little ones down memory lane this Christmas, why not warm them up in the blanket with Home Alone. No, not the movie – the video game based on the film for the SEGA Genesis. If you’ve got this classic console, dig it out of the closet and enjoy every minute of working through its chaos together.

For Mates

In need of a night out but don’t fancy braving the cold? Say no more, grab your headset, gather your mates online, and get gaming with these multiplayer favourites.

Keep the Christmas party cosy and test your friend’s loyalty in Among Us. In this game of teamwork and betrayal, work together with crewmates to complete tasks before the Imposters kill everyone aboard your ship. Sure, it’s not the cheeriest Christmas cracker on the planet, but it’ll have you all howling through the holidays.

Fancy some fantasy lands and mythical battles? Apex Legends lets you choose from a line-up of outlaws, soldiers, misfits, and misanthropes to take part in chaotic 60-person battle royale’s across a cluster of planets on the fringes of the Frontier.

And if you really run out of ideas, there’s always the silliest, most ridiculous battle royale of all…Fortnite!

For Couples

Bored of hot chocolate bombs and Christmas flicks? Level up your festive date nights with our picks for gaming with your partners.

Just like the Christmas films you’re trying to avoid, Wattam is a heart-warming adventure about healing through friendship and love. But more importantly, it gives you and your loved one the chance to play as colourful poops, so what more could you ask for?

If you’d rather get crafty this Christmas, why not build your very own Winter Wonderland to explore in Minecraft, get the Christmas harvest ready and ripe for picking in Stardew Valley, or treat yourselves to the Toy Day extravaganza in Animal Crossing. You can do all of them together, so there’s no excuses.

For You

Spending the holiday season solo this year? Don’t let theTurkey dumplings get you down, we’ve got a sack full of games for you to fill your boots with.

Take to the streets of New York as it’s lit up in festive lights in Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Not only is this an excellent mini-sequel for anyone wholoves your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, but it’s set entirely during theholiday season, so it’s as Christmassy as it gets.

If you’d like some laughs in between chomping on those selection boxes, look no further than Saints Row 4’s How The SaintsSave Christmas DLC. From snowy cities to ridiculous gingerbread enemies, this mission pack is as funny as it is festive.

Feeling like the Grinch should’ve stole Christmas? Maybe you’ve bah-humbugged your way through the streets?  Rather watch Die Hard than Home Alone? Sure, Dead Rising 4 could be the game for you. Set during the holidays, no other game gives you the joy of mindlessly beating dozens of zombies with giant candy canes and snowball guns.

Give the gift of gaming this year…

Now you’re ready to game your way through every day of the holidays this Christmas, why not tick off your to-do list and pick up some last-minute gifts for gamers? We’ve got all the gaming accessories your friends and family could want ready and waiting for Santa and his Reindeers to deliver on Christmas Day here.

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