Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance
Liam Willett

Liam Willett

Despatch Assistant

I’m the despatch assistant, so in short I help run the warehouse and ship out orders worldwide. I’ve always been a gaming fanatic, so when I saw the job advertised, I applied as quick as I could!

Platform of choice:

PC all the way

Favourite game of all time

Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

Your go to gaming snack?

Can’t go wrong with some peanut M&M’s

First gaming device ever played?

Sega Megadrive

Favourite Venom product and why?

My favourite product would have to be the white single xbox docking station as it fits perfectly into my white themed setup.

What do you love most about Venom

Getting to test products before they are released is always fun. And being able to work in a fun, fast paced environment is brilliant.

Connect with me:

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