Battlefield 2042 Review

Written by
Liam Willett

Despite the recent release of Battlefield 2042 being plagued with issues and bugs ranging from simple graphical errors to infuriating hit reg issues, there are many things to enjoy.

The expansive maps combined with 128 player servers provides a true battlefield with action at every turn. 

The usual “Only in Battlefield” is everywhere, be it shooting a heli out of the sky with a rocket launcher or tank, sniping a heli pilot, or just the utter chaos that can arise on the battlefield.

On the fly weapon customisation allows for drastic changes in play style without having to respawn, changing from CQB to long range firefights within seconds.

Vehicles play an even bigger part in squad based play styles with many vehicles having the capacity for all squad members, you can now fully man a tank with a squad of 4, with each member having a potent role to play.

The new playable characters have split opinion across the community with some loving the diverse play styles this brings, others aren't so impressed, I for one am loving being able to fly about with the wingsuit to get rid of that pesky sniper with Sundance, or quickly scaling a building with the grapple hook of Webster Mackay.

The Call-In tablet provides vehicle drops mid battle, too much enemy armour? Call in a tank from the sky and blast through their blockades, or call in a friendly, gunslinging robo dog to keep you company out on the battlefield.

The all new Hazard Zone mode provides a tight and strategic squad based semi battle-royale experience where you must fight against other squads of 4 and enemy AI in order to retrieve data drives from fallen satellites and then extract with them. I’ve personally played a lot of this mode with friends and it really is a refreshing and new addition to the franchise.

And now the bad bit, the bugs, Battlefield releases are known for being broken and plagued with bugs on launch, sadly Battlefield 2042 was no different. Hit reg issues, rubber banding, spawn issues, falling through the map and broken mechanics such as being unable to revive a teammate as they are stuck in a wall. But luckily DICE have been quick to resolve a great deal of these issues with updates and bug fixes being released often.

Overall I think Battlefield 2042 has the potential to become one of the best Battlefield titles, but it all depends on the addition to new content and keeping the game relevant. I always finish a session craving that next “Only in Battlefield moment” and I think that is the best way to describe this game “Only in Battlefield”.

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