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The Scariest Games To Play This Halloween, Chosen By You

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If you’re not playing horror games on Halloween, are you even a gamer? As part of our latest giveaway, we asked you about the scariest games you’ve ever played. You lot didn’t disappoint, so we’ve now got a terrifying back catalogue of games to work through this October 31st.Without further ado, here are the most mentioned! Have you been brave enough to play any of them?

Resident Evil 4 & 7

The Resident Evil series is widely regarded as one of the best horror franchises out there, but instalments 4 and 7 definitely rank top for the ‘edge-of-your-seat’ factor.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent sees you play as a protagonist who wakes up in a creepy castle with no memories. Fight your way out but be careful not to stare too long at the monsters, or you’ll lose even more of your sanity.

Silent Hill

An absolute classic, Silent Hill is regarded as one of the scariest games ever made. Admittedly it’s a lot more pixelated than we remember it being back in 1999, but this survival horror is well worth revisiting.

Alien Isolation

Play as Ellen Ripley’s daughter in this 2014 stonker. With amazing reviews and hilariously jumpy Youtube playthroughs all over the web, it’s not hard to believe that this game won itself a BAFTA.[embed][/embed]


A journalist turns up to investigate a creepy as hell psychiatric ward in the absolute middle of nowhere. What could go wrong? We advise playing this one with the lights up and your headphones on low, just in case one of the many, MANY jump scares gives you a heart attack.

The Evil Within

There’s a theme here, tell us if you spot it. A detective sent to investigate a gruesome crime scene at a psychiatric hospital is separated from his partners and must escape the horrors that are unleashed.

There were lots of other titled mentioned, but these definitely came up top when we asked you for the scariest games around. Have you played them all? What will you be playing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments.

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