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5 Times Video Games Gave Us Easter Eggs So Good We Could Eat Them

Written by
Sarah Hook

Let’s be honest. When somebody says Easter, you instantly think of chocolate eggs, right? Maybe an easter hamper full of goods? Or is that just us?

Whilst Easter is a time for eating eggs and honouring the resurrection of Christ, it’s also a time to kick back and relax over the bank holiday. And if there’s one thing we like to do when we relax (that isn’t eating chocolate eggs), it’s playing video games.

And unless you’ve been hiding in a nest, easter eggs happen to be all over your favourite games. Since time immortal, developers have sent us searching in every nook and cranny of their games for easter eggs like we’re on a treasure hunt. And because we like empowering gamers with our gaming accessories for Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox, we thought we’d help you out this Easter.

So, without further ado, here’s five of our favourite food-related easter eggs for you to find during Easter 2022.

The Cake Is A Lie – Portal

Aperture promised us cake, they gave us a crazy AI hellbent on causing chaos instead. Less of an easter egg as much it is a series of secrets and in-game jokes, the cake is a lie is the developer’s way of warning you before it’s too late.

Hidden throughout both Portal 1 and 2 are secret dens covered in cryptic clues and strange diagrams. Supposedly the work of trapped, schizophrenic scientist Doug Rattman, there’s over 13 dens to find to piece together a little backstory. Listen carefully and you might even hear him in the walls. But most importantly, look closer in one of the dens and you’ll see…’the cake is a lie.’

Swiss Cheese – Perfect Dark

Perfect Dark is a weird game. It’s the spiritual successor of developer Rare’s 007 Goldeneye, even though there’s no cocktails to be shaken or stirred in sight. It’s set against the backdrop of an interstellar war between alien races.

And on every level, there’s a piece of Swiss Cheese to search out. Yep, we told you it’s weird.

After one of the game’s artists found that a part of a plane in the game resembled some cheese, they decided to hide a slice in every level.Originally planned to be collectable items you had to find; they removed the bonus objectives but left the cheese for the aliens. These easter eggs are exceptionally well hidden and hard to find, it doesn’t get any cheddar than this.

The Ice Cream Truck - Hitman: Absolution

You scream. I scream. We all scream for ice cream! Only in Hitman: Absolution, you’re getting more than just a 99 and a flake.

Living the life of contract killer Agent 47 is a simple one: find the target, kill the target. There’s usually one or two ways you can complete a mission, but during the ‘End of the Road’ level, you’ll find there’s a new twist on video-game hit-and-runs.

Hovering in the sky is a gang of vultures. If you decide to shoot all five down in order, you’ll soon hear the revs of an engine. Only, you’re in the middle of the desert with nobody else around for miles. Suddenly, an Ice Cream Truck drops from the sky and mows down your victim for the win.

Jill’s Sandwiches – Dead Rising

Resident Evil is the zombie game of all zombie games. And like any good game, it’s inspired developers all over to honour it. Whilst some offer subtle nods to level design or themes, others have dropped in weird and wonderful references.

Take Dead Rising for example. As trapped photojournalistFrank West, you might think Jill’s Sandwiches – a boutique burger joint you can stumble upon – is just that, a burger joint. But for fans of Resident Evil, it’s a nod to one of protagonist Jill Valentine’s close calls.

In the Capcom classic, Jill is almost squashed by a collapsing ceiling. When rescued by her colleague Barry Burton, he says “you were almost a Jill sandwich!”

An Actual Easter Egg - Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto’s developers Rockstar have a record of smuggling so many easter eggs into their games, they might as well become the easter bunny. But this Vice City special really takes the cake. Seriously.

Why? Because it’s an easter egg of…an easter egg.

That’s right. Jump through a window on a building near Downtown Vice City, and you’ll mysteriously discover a life-like easter egg waiting for you on a pedestal.

At least we know Tommy Vercetti won’t get hungry whilst he’s milling about for the mafia. 

And now it’s time to treat yourself to some easter eggs

So, there’s our list of our favourite food-themed video game easter eggs. If you’ve risen to the challenge of finding them all, why not treat yourself to some real chocolate easter eggs. Or better yet why not level up your set-up with our console gaming accessories.

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