Sims 4 Summer Road Map 2021 - What To Expect From EA

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Sarah Hook

The Sims 4 team have finally revealed what Simmers have been waiting for - a 2021 road map! Well ... sort of. On what has been named "Hot Sims Summer" May, June and July are packed with new packs, we just don't know the names of all of them yet.


Literally as I press publish The Sims give us ANOTHER TEASER. You can see the whole tweet here.The 3 images show some iconic townies talking about house updates they need sooooo is the next Game Pack interior design? Will we be able to go into their homes and destroy ... I mean upgrade their houses? WHAT IS HAPPENING??

New Packs!

After a leak from the official Xbox Twitter weeks ago we already knew what to expect with the next kit. The Courtyard Oasis Kit is a build/buy kit inspired by the architecture of Morocco. The pack boasts some of the Sims teams best work to date, with clearly improved textures and design it's no wonder it's been a hit with Sims 4 fans. Not only do the items come in beautiful colours but we also have them in neutral swatches, making them as versatile as they are stunning.

There's been no confirmation on what we can expect from the new Game and Expansion packs other than the vague hints we've grown accustom to (hey, if someone wants to leak those too we wouldn't be mad!)Most of the speculation was encouraged over on Twitter by SimGuruFrost and SimGuruGeorge with their [REDACTED] teasing. These 3 tweets have the Sims 4 community convinced the next Game Pack will be with some kind of occult - but what do you think it will be? The poster has already confirmed there will be a new career and that the pack is "creative" ... but what does it MEAN!?!

"Bond with Nature" and "charming" have been mentioned in regards to the Expansion Pack ... could this be a hint to probably one of the most desired additions to the Sims 4? Are we getting farming?? I NEED ANSWERS.

Base Game Updates

The Sims team are always working on updating the base game, whether that's with completely new items or updating the *ahem* less than visually pleasing or accurate hair styles. Looking at you poofy Afro. One of the biggest updates to date for the base game was the skin colours which was amazing. Again the wording on the poster has prompted speculation as to what the updates could be. "Ride 3 waves of base game updates" has people convinced it's either a- cars or b - surfing.We already know that a bunk bed update is scheduled. After The Sims Twitch Stream on the 18th May GrimSuruDoi showed off the promised updates making the bunk beds a lot more user friendly. We'll be able to slot a variety of items underneath the bunk beds and it will not impact the functionality of the bunk/loft bed. Hellloooo perfect bed for tiny living/university life!

Confirmed future updates?

The best place for Sims 4 news is their live streams, the SimGuru's get to talk directly to Simmers and this is where they give us the Sims 4-11. With the Sims being the main life simulation game on the market (at the moment) something which has been mentioned by the community is the inclusion of pro-nouns in the game. It was confirmed in the live stream that they have heard this feedback and they are looking into implementing it. Game development is tricky, even more so when the game is translated into multiple different languages, so it won't be done overnight - but it will be amazing when more people can create themselves and tell their stories in the game.

At the end of the live stream on the 18th May it was confirmed that the next scheduled stream will be taking place on the 25th - what they'll be announcing is anybody's guess right now.

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