Hogwarts Legacy – Is it worth it?

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With all 8 movies finally being put onto Netflix this past week, it reminded us of the brand new for 2023 game, Hogwarts Legacy. Here’s all you need to know if you’re thinking of purchasing the game, and of course – our opinions on it. 

Live your childhood dreams 

First of all, let’s get it clear that Hogwarts Legacy is not playing through the story of the movies or books, there’s no Harry, Ron and Hermione which might be seen as a negative by some of the superfans. But we think this was the best choice, as instead Hogwarts Legacy takes you back in time, on a brand-new immersive experience where you are your own character creating new storylines and adventures. It is set in the magnificent setting of the Hogwarts Castle and grounds in the 1800’s, including Hogsmeade and the Forbidden Forest. It’s as if you’ve been dropped right inside the original storybooks. It’s very nostalgic to roam the different scenes on your broomstick, just like you dreamed to as a kid.


The basics

Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive, open-world action role-playing game. Your character is a personalised student who holds the important key to an ancient secret that threatens to tear the wizarding world apart. As the player, you take full control of the action and be at the centre of your own adventure in the wizarding world.


Spells and potions

Much to the fans delight, as a part of this fantastic adventure you get to do everything Harry and his pals did. Learn spells, brew potions, grow screaming plants, and tend to your very own cute magical beasts throughout your journey. You even get sorted into your house, create relationships, and master skills to become the witch or wizard you want to be. Your legacy is what you make of it.


Friends and allies

The other characters that feature alongside you in the game are most endearing, you’ll spend time with your classmates and your professors. Like the predictably cocky Sebastian from Slytherin house, or main man Professor Fig who serves as both a professor and a sidekick. You’ll never feel alone in the grounds, whether that’s the cutest magical creatures in the grounds, or all of the students wandering the halls. The game really creates the sense of Hogwarts School, feeling like you are really there.

Battle to the death

It wouldn’t be like the books and movies if there was no gore, so as well as all the exciting and wholesome parts of the game, part of the adventures include battling against ugly trolls, dark wizards, goblins and many more. All in the aim to experience the wizarding world in an unexplored era of time, to uncover a hidden truth from its past. The combat is fantastic and challenging, expect to be utterly captivated by the screenplay and the visual effects on screen. We hope you’re ready to face dangerous villains threatening the fate of your wizarding world.


Reep the rewards

As well as just having a fantastic time, there are heaps of rewards for your efforts. You can earn gear to upgrade your stats, cosmetic items to improve your look, or of course you can earn brand new spells. This being the main hook of the game as you are often limited only by what magic you know. So complete your tasks and you’ll be bestowed with the power of unlock doors and get into brand new and exciting places!

 Is it worth it?

Absolutely yes, as a Harry Potter Fan it’s undoubtedly a new favourite. In nearly every way Hogwarts Legacy is the game that we’ve always wanted to play, to experience Hogwarts yourself in such an immersive way is the closest we will ever get to the real thing. The visual effects and the quality of imagery is spellbinding and the endearing characters and storylines are absolutely worth the investment.

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