Sims 4 Spark’d - What You Need To Know

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Sarah Hook

We've had a new announcement from the Sims team but it's not quite what you would think. Whenever there's an announcement our minds always go to a new pack or some kind of update, or even a Sims 5 announcement? This time though? Well this time it's a game/reality show where our favourite Simmers compete each week for a grand prize of $100,000! Introducing Sims 4 Spark'd.Still not sure what that actually means? Check out the trailer below!

How Can I Watch It?

Sims 4 Spark'd will debut on Friday 17th July at 11 P.M (ET/PT) on TBS, and will run for 4 weeks. If you're not in the states and still want to take a look then you can watch digitally via Buzzfeed the Monday after it airs on TV.

What Actually Is It?

Just like any other game show but with the Sims, each week there will be a set task and will be judged by a panel of judges. The aim is to "build the most unique characters, worlds and stories" and each week will see a team kicked off the show. Think Great British Bake Off just with the Sims 4 instead of cakes.

Redefine reality competitions with The Sims™ Spark’d, a new show where the only limit to what contestants can create is their imagination!
Who Are The Contestants and Judges?

EA are once again taking full advantage of the dedicated Sims 4 YouTube Community with their contestant line up, showing the likes of Plumbella, The English Simmer and StephOSims. All 3 of whom have a combined YouTube following of 1.3 million subscribers. Those are just the three I recognise from the trailer so we know this is likely to grab a lot of viewers attention when you combine all 12.

Sims 4 Spark'd Contestants

The judges panel is made up of three people who are well known in the Sims community, first up is Kelsey Impicciche who is known for her infamous 100 baby challenge. Tayla Parx who has been involved in voice acting for the Sims 4. She also sang her song "Me Vs Us" in the Sims 4 language Simlish for the Get Famous Expansion Pack. Lastly we have Dave Miotke (better known as SimGuruNinja) who is a Maxis Game Developer.Rayvon Owen, an avid Sims fan and American Idol Finalist will be host of the show.

What do you guys think? Will you be tuning in or is this not your thing at all?

Let's just hope they don't experience any embarrassing game glitches whilst they're taking part!

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