Sims 4 Expansion Pack Announcement

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Sarah Hook

The Sims team have been in a lot of hot water recently, especially with the fail of the recent skin tones update and infamous Star Wars pack. When news hit there was going to be another Sims 4 expansion pack a lot of the community were apprehensive and worried it was going to be another disapointment.Whilst no trailer has been dropped yet (at the time of writing) the theme and name has ... SNOWY ESCAPE.When Sims 4 Seasons was released in 2018 it became clear that the activities surrounding the different weather were lacking, especially for Winter. Yes we had building snowpals and playing in the snow but that was pretty much it. So far all we've seen is a collection of stills from the pack, but look closely enough and you might see some unexpected surprises!If you want to make sure you check out the trailer as soon as it's released CLICK HEREWe're keeping an open mind on this one, whilst 2020 may not have been the best year for the Sims team here's hoping they can end on a high with this next Sims 4 Expansion Pack!


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