Meta Quest Showcase

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Summary

Written by
Sarah Hook

The Meta Quest Showcase has returned for another year and Meta have treated us with an abundance of trailers, updates and even a deep dive into an upcoming game.

Whilst it wasn't part of the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase there's no way we can start this off without first mentioning the announcement of the new Meta Quest 3. Whilst there's no official release date we do know that we can expect it's arrival later this year, Meta also showed off the updated design which is 40% slimmer, all new designed controllers along with a full colour pass through making the possibilities for VR almost endless.

With the announcement of the Meta Quest 3 it's expected that the price of the Meta Quest 2 will drop so why not take the perfect opportunity and kit your Meta Quest 2 out with the latest accessories

It's time to get into the details - check out ALL of the games and trailers announced at the latest Meta Quest Gaming Showcase Event right here - all games you're about to see are all expected to be available on the Meta store in the next year

Samba De Amigo

I Expect You To Die 3: Cog In The Machine

Silent Slayer: Vault Of The Vampire

Ghostbusters: Rise of the Ghost Lord


Racket Club

Vampire: The Masquerade Justice

Dungeons of Eternity

The 7th Quest

Arizona Sunshine 2

Stranger Things VR

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

Bulletstorm VR

Assassins Creed Nexus

Find out more at the Ubisoft Forward on 12th June

Asgards Wrath 2

Not even did we get all the reveals and trailers for coming games the Meta Quest showcase revealed all of the upcoming updates coming to Meta Quest games - check them out below!

No More Rainbows

Little Cities Sandbox Update

Death Game Hotel

Ghost Signal A Stellaris Game Update

Onward Update

Walkabout Mini Golf

Demeo Battles

We Are One

Powerwash Simulator VR

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