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Diablo IV is released to the masses on the 6th June 2023, and we’re here to keep you informed on what to expect, and whether its worth a purchase. The hellish game has a reputation for being both gorgeous and morbid. The trailers released ahead of the launch show the game is still an epic cinematic experience, an expedition to hell proving terrifying and exhilarating with angelic forces battling their demonic enemies. Diablo IV takes place many years after the events of Diablo III, after millions have been slaughtered by the actions of the High Heavens and Burning Hells alike. The hook for this release, is a legendary name that resurfaces. Interested yet?


The story

The storyline of this year’s release is a massive step in the right direction compared to its predecessor, according to the superfans. The quest to find and stop Lilith, daughter of one of the Prime Evils of Hell, after she unleashes her fury upon Sanctuary is the exciting kicking off point where the game begins. The impressive queen of Succubi is one of the most complex villains the series has ever seen, and Sanctuary is a fantastic sight to behold and the sound is even better. There has been a huge improvement in the voice acting, demon shrieks and roars that will make your hairs stand on end.

All of this is centered around the essential part of the game, the classes. If you aren’t familiar with Diablo, there are Druids, Barbarians, Sorceress’, Rogues, Necromancers. All having their own special and unique characteristics you’ll be sure to meet along the way.


Chase for power

The aim of the game is simple, to get stronger and more powerful. This is done through the excitement of gaining more skills and the chase for power. Throughout the game you will learn rare and powerful skills, to take down scores of enemies as quickly and effectively as possible. The game is consistently engaging, and you are rarely left alone, so the hunt for strength is challenging and satisfying. The combat is enjoyable, and the well-balanced difficulty and variety of dangers challenges you to be brave and experiment with your powers to get the results you need to level up.


Character customisation

The new release brings another new element, a new character customisation system. You can now choose from characters with hundreds of unique features including detailed facial and body characteristics such as body paint, jewellery, and accessories. The expanded system lets players customise their armour, or entire outfits in a range of colours. And for the satisfaction of what you’ve created, your character will get more close-up time than everbefore, in menus and cinematic sequences.


Ease of controls

Another thing to mention about Diablo VI is how it has introduced support controllers for PC. Diablo IV will support controllers for PC. There are also some controller-specific things you can do within the new release including switching between mouse/keyboard and controller without throwing the game completely off. There's also more choice such as options to have the action bar in the middle centeror bottom left of the screen. You will be able to open the UI screens independently in couch co-op mode. Finally there’s the new ability to set your primary attack to something other than left mouse click. We’re definitely here for making gaming more streamlined.

So, the endless battle between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on as chaos threatens to consume Sanctuary. With the tonnes of new features to explore within Diablo IV, it’s a world we're ready to dive into. A game of endless discovery which you could get stuck in for hours on end. But if you’re interested, purchase and read more about Diablo VI here.

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