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Stocking Fillers: 5 Last-Minute Gifts For Gamers

Written by
Kiri Broad

Since time began, we’ve hung up our stockings by the fireplace. Legend says it all began when Saint Nicholas himself popped a couple of gold coins in the stockings of three poor sisters. Since then, no Christmas Eve is complete without this tradition.

And when it comes to Christmas, gamers can be difficult to buy for. But don’t worry, we’ve been in touch with Santa’s workshop and they’ve given us the 5 gaming accessories you’ll want to fill your loved ones stockings up with this year.

1) Venom Christmas Bundles

We love Christmas, and we love empowering gamers. We’re giving the gift of the ultimate gaming set-up this year with our accessory starter packs for PS5XBOX X and XBOX X/S & One.

Need some peace and quiet post-Christmas dinner? Our bundles keep your loved one’s gaming long into the night with our twin docking stations, so they’ll never be without charge. Better yet, different bundles come with our Sabre Headsets and controller racks (PS5 & Xbox), so they can stay in touch with friends and keep things neat and tidy, too. 

2) GAME - Animal Crossing Plushies

We weren’t going to miss an opportunity to spread some festive cheer with our favourite island-building game now, were we? 

Bring the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons to your loved one's collection with these adorable cuddly plushies from GAME. The whole gang’s here to choose from –whether it’s K K SliderIsabelle or Tom Nook.

If you and your gaming loved ones are new to Nintendo’s wonderful world of Animal Crossing, get started with our Nintendo Switch gaming accessories.

3) Amazon - Chocolate Game Controller

Christmas is for giving, and chocolate is for eating. That’s why this chocolate game controller over on Amazon is an instant win.

Whether it’s rocket fuel for a night of gaming or a treat for topping the online leader board, this is the perfect stocking filler. 

Although, this controller looks too good to eat with its delicate attention to detail. There’s milk chocolate, dark white, and coloured white chocolate to bring this edible gift to life.

Whilst you can’t eat all controllers, you can keep them charged too with our charging accessories.

4) Very - PlayStation 4th Gen Controller Mug

Countless cups of tea keep us going whether we’re gaming or working here at Venom. So, why not drink your tea and game in style? Well, Very’s Playstation 4th Gen Controller Mug is here to save the day.

Hit pause and take a break from fighting baddies or exploring mythical worlds and enjoy the hot drinks you love. This oversized mug boasts the iconic PlayStation logo with the coolest handle on the planet – a controller-shaped one! 

Shopping for streamers? Just think how cool this will look on their next video. This is a stocking filler that sells itself, we know. Now, where can we get one?

5) AO - Xbox Ultimate Game Pass - 1 Month Subscription

If there’s any gift we think is worth giving, it’s the gift of gaming. AO is making it easier than ever for you: they’ve got Xbox Ultimate Game Pass subscription codes. 

Unfamiliar with Ultimate Game Pass? It’s Netflix for gamers, seriously. With this digital code, you’ll be giving the gamers you love instant access to 100s of games. Better yet, you’ll be helping them hop online and take on their friends with access to Xbox Live Gold, too. 

Is Santa bringing your loved ones an Xbox this year? Help them get a running start with our accessories.

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