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Our favourite 5 Summer-Themed Games, providing all those good, summertime vibes

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 In celebration of British summer time officially starting on the 26th March, here’s some of our favourite summer themed games to get you excited for the longer days and the warmer weather. 

Super Mario Sunshine 

Re-released in 2022, first on the list is the iconic Super Mario Sunshine. 20 years after its official first release, regardless of the game taking a bit of a bashing over the years we think it’s still the best 3D Mario game on the market. The controls and intuitive and it all works wonderfully and, arguably, better than the vast majority of 3D platformers in the gaming world. Playing it on the Switch is just as exciting as it was on the GameCube back in 2002.

 Ultimately,Super Mario Sunshine does a fantastic job of creating the epitome of summerinto an interactive gaming experience. The bright blue skies and the crisp white clouds, the sparkling turquoise sea and our favourite part, the shimmering ground effect that shows Isle Delfino is a very hot place. So, it’s got a lot more going for it than the simple fact that ‘summer’ is in the name! Play now

Sonic Adventure –Emerald Coast

Next up is another hugely iconic and recognisable game, featuring one of the most loved characters in the business. Sonic Adventure, first released in 1999 nothing has changed from the original storyline, an epic adventure told from 6 different characters,each having their own chance to develop whilst looking for emeralds. The opening level of this game is one of the franchise’s most iconic and beloved. And it fits perfectly in our list of games because of the fantastic summer vibes it emanates, thanks in large part to its bright sunny skies, blue ocean that makes you want to jump right into your screen and swim alongside that big ol’ whale. And of course, the summery feel-good music! Play Now

Dead island

On a slightly different note, if you like something more thrilling and action packed, next on our list is Dead Island. Providing a summertime feel by being set on an island resort featuring bright blue skies and swaying palm trees, it would be a great spot for a summer vacation if it wasn’t for all the zombies and dead bodies. Perfect for horror game lovers this open-world action role-playing game is full of fast-paced action using user experience-based gameplay where the user earns XP by completing tasks and killing enemies. Play on Microsoft Windows,PlayStation 3, Xbox 360.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

This one is pretty self-explanatory, the well-known and hugely popular Animal Crossing sits at number 4 on our list. A light-hearted game for everyone, it’s a great game to play in all seasons, but it does provide all the summer vibes with the consistent sunny weather and the beautifully bright and crisp visuals. You get to live life on your island at your own pace,as you garden, fish, decorate or hunt for bugs and fossils. Summertime in New Horizons is a treat, with weddings,fireworks, and meteor showers. The newest update of the game even lets you go swimming in the clear warm waters.

Get to know the other residents, creating relationships and stories, all of this under the lovely blue skies, Animal Crossing presents the perfect summery escape game for all to enjoy. Play on the Switch today.

Astro’s Playroom

Lastly, we’d like to give Astro’s Playroom a mention.Not only is he the cutest PS5 platformer, but this game presents you with some of the best summertime vibes. This comes down to the setting and the music. Whilst all of the levels in this free game are fantastic to play, we think Cooling Springs and its gorgeous beach is the best! You can spend a long time just running around the sandy shore, checking out all the Easter eggs and soaking up the sun beaming down from the bluest of skies. Another bonus that adds to the summertime theme is that from the moment the game starts you hear the wonderful mix of catchy electronic tunes with an upbeat and summery vibe creating a blissful gaming environment! Download now.

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