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Our 5 Favourite Gaming Industry April Fools Pranks

Written by
Dee Lever

With all these award ceremonies, gaming expos, and product launches on the calendar, it can be tough to keep up. Sometimes you just need to sit back and play some video games.

So, just once a year – on April 1st – we down our tools and get silly for April Fool’s Day. Over the years, the gaming industry has pulled more pranks than we’ve played Pokémon this week (it’s not a close call…we promise!)

Because everyone is busy breaking the internet today, we thought we’d keep it simple. There’s no fake products or bogus announcements from us. Instead, we’re giving you our five favourite gaming industry April Fools pranks.

Among Us’ Horse Mode has us jockeying for a game

Let’s kick off our list with 2022’s funniest April Fools prank. Gaming memes are nothing new, they’re guaranteed to give you a good time just like our gaming accessories. But Among Us developers Innersloth clearly care about them more than anyone else.

Inspired by some memes about the multiplayer whodunnit game, you can live out your sci-fi mystery-solving dreams as a horse for one day only. That’s right, Among Us – Horse Edition is playable for one day, and one day only.

Crew mates and imposters grow a second pair of legs, sport a unique kill animation, and start making those authentic neigh noises. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to be a horse in space, here’s your chance.

PlayStation Flow offers watershed moments in wearable tech

We’ve all been there, chucking our controllers at our screen as Lara Croft loses her last breath in those pesky swimming sections. So imagine our excitement when Sony offered us a solution: PlayStation Flow.

Combining PS4 gaming with real-life swimming, simply hit pause when those swimming sections appear in any game you’re playing and head for your nearest pool. Simply pop on your PlayStation Flow gear, dive in, and continue your game from where you left off.

The Flow’s goggles stream data via Bluetooth, with waterproof earphones to boot for full immersion. There’s even a body dryer so we can get back to it right away.

Oh, if only this one was real – Sony would be swimming in it.

Hop into your time machine with Football Manager 1888

Okay, so here’s one for the fantasy football folk hiding in the comments. Football Manager developers Sports Interactive are known for pulling fast one’s, but this one really takes the cake.

Back in 2020, they took us down memory lane to revisit the release of Football Manager 1888. Why bother negotiating with agents, when you can relive a time where every player earned £5, and offside rules didn’t matter because the ball got lost in the mud more times than goals were scored.

What makes this prank even funnier is that fans have been calling out for this to be a real thing every year since.

Drink to the apocalypse with Darksiders Dark Ciders

Why crack open the Seventh Seal and cause chaos when you can crack open a cold one and get gaming. Drink responsibly and taste the apocalypse with Darksiders first collection of artisanal beverages: Dark Ciders.

With four flavours to choose from – one for each of the four horseman of the apocalypse no less – you’ve got endless options for the end of the world party you’re sure to be planning.

Or you know, you could just go and play some Darksiders and bring balance back to the universe. It’s your choice.

Why play remakes when you can play this Control demake

It feels like not a day goes by when there isn’t an announcement for old games making their way onto new consoles. But what if we suddenly started playing new games on old consoles? Now wouldn’t that be fun, eh?

Well, for April Fool’s Day 2021, Control developers Remedy decided to mess around and make out like a PlayStation 1 edition of the action-adventure game was coming to us soon.

Complete with those glitchy graphics from the nineties, the minute-long gameplay trailer really gets you pining for those golden days of gaming.

And now normal service resumes

Phew, that’s our list of April Fool’s Day pranks done and dusted. It’s time to get back to doing what we do best: empowering gamers. Discover our entire range of gaming accessories for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo now.

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