Is This The End For The PS4?

Written by
Sarah Hook

The PlayStation 4 has been host to some of the most iconic games since its release back in 2013 with the likes of Last Of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn and God of War and having sold well over 100 million units it's safe to say the PS4 has its place firmly in the hall of fame. Since its release the PS5 hasn't had very many console exclusive games with most still being available on the inferior PS4 system but the latest update from PlayStation indicates that Sony may be finally moving on from the PS4 and focusing its efforts on the next generation of gaming.

Upcoming PS5 & PS4 Games in 2023

Check out the latest update from PlayStation detailing exactly what we can expect in 2023.

Final Fantasy XVI - PS5 Only

Horizon Burning Shores - PS5 Only

Spider Man 2 - PS5 Only

Assassins Creed Mirage - PS5/PS4

Resident Evil 4 - PS5/PS4

Forspoken - PS5 Only

Suicide Squad - PS5 Only

Dead Space - PS5 Only

Stellar Blade - PS5 Only

Street Fighter - PS5/PS4

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - PS5 Only

Alone in the Dark - PS5 Only

Firewall Ultra - PS5/PSVR2 Only

Pacific Drive - PS5 Only

The Lords of the Fallen - PS5 Only

Horizon VR Call of the Mountain - PS5/PSVR2 Only

Destiny 2 Lightfall - PS5/PS4

Eternights - PS5/PS4

Tchia - PS5/PS4

Season A Letter to the Future - PS5/PS4

Synduality - PS5 Only

Hogwarts Legacy - PS5/PS4

Wild Hearts - PS5 Only

Whilst we're going to miss the PlayStation 4 once it finally bows out and Sony stop production if we're going to step into the world of next gen gaming fully then sacrifices need to be made and some of the games currently being made are just too much for the poor almost 10 year old system. Here's also hoping that Sony focusing their sighs on PS5 exclusives means that the PS5 stock issues will become a thing of the past.

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