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Holy Grail or Money Pit: Inside the World of Expensive Gaming Collectibles

Written by
Sarah Hook

Are you a gamer who loves collecting rare and expensive gaming items? Have you ever wondered if your collection is a holy grail or just a money pit? Well I can assure you that no matter how much money you've spent on collectibles over the years, there's no way it could compete with some of these insanely expensive gaming collectibles. From limited edition consoles to playing cards, from rare game cartridges to figurines, there's some serious cash flowing through the gaming industry collectibles world.

24k Gold PlayStation 5 - £10,000

Just when you thought getting a PS5 was difficult enough. If 24k Gold plating is your thing and you've got a spare £10k then look no further.

Golden Ticket - 2 Pack - $100,000

A highly popular collectible among gamers and geeks everywhere is Funko Pop figures, except usually they'd cost around £15 and not $100,000 like this Golden Ticket 2 pack.

Magic the Gathering "The One Ring" Card -$2 million

Post Malone is most well known for his successful music career but who knew he was also a Magic the Gathering fan - the singer recently spent over $2 million to acquire a truly unique and one of a kind piece of gaming memorabilia.

Super Mario Bros - $2 million

An unopened copy of the original Super Mario Bros. sold for $2 million at auction in August 2021 after the seller refused an offer of several hundred-thousands dollars from a collector.

Illustrator Pikachu - $5.2 million

The most expensive Pokemon card to ever exist was purchased by YouTuber and attempted boxer Logan Paul back in 2022 for a hefty $5.2 million. That's enough to purchase over 380,000 booser packs ...

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