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5 Ways Our PlayStation Docking Stations transform charging

Written by
Dee Lever

Have you ever been halfway through a co-op campaign and been forced to cut it short? We know how you feel. The PlayStation controller has gone to sleep and the spare’s gone missing.  

Your mates are going mad because you’ve forfeited the final match of the season on FIFA. You need to get your controller charging and your head back in the game right away. Whether you’re playing it out on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, our single and twin docking stations are designed to get you gaming again as quick as possible.

When we game, we love grinding for unlockable rewards. We put our work ethic into our docking stations so they’re above and beyond the average charging accessory. Don’t believe us? Fine, here’s five reasons why you should!

  1. Drop & Charge Design

Make like Lightning McQueen and get your controllers charging in seconds with our Drop & Charge design.

You’ll get a charging dongle so there’s no need for fiddly wires and connectors. So you can say goodbye to all the mess and keep your charging accessories neat and tidy.

All you need to do is drop in your DUALSENSE™ controller and you’ll be charged up and gaming again in no time.

  1. Front LED Indicator

When you’re eager to game, you want to get going as soon as possible. Our single and twin docking stations make it easier than ever to know when you’re good to go again. A built-in front LED indicator has a colour-changing glow to keep you in the know. 

Channel your inner Star Wars fan whilst you charge up your controller with our Front LED indicators. It’ll glow red like the Sith whilst it’s charging and will change to blue like the Jedi when the power’s fully restored.

  1. USB Cable and Additional Port

We’re big fans of looting treasure chests and levelling up our characters. That’s why our PlayStation docking stations are jam-packed with bonuses to boost your stats.

Our stations offer unrivalled flexibility, complete with a detachable 1 metre USB to USB type C braided charging cable. This means you can pick up and place your docking station wherever you want without trouble.

And that’s not all. We know the world doesn’t stop whilst you game so we’ve added an extra USB port so you can keep all your other devices charged too. So next time you’re stuck on a level, you can YouTube the solution in seconds with your fully-charged phone.

  1. Colour Schemes

Our docking stations are designed to give you complete control of your gaming accessories. That’s why we’ve decked out our stations in two colour schemes: black and white. 

Made to match-up with your PlayStation’s aesthetics, you can charge up your controllers and stay stylish at the same time. When your friends come over to game, you’ll be keeping it real with charging accessories that don’t clash with your PlayStation colours.

  1. Stays charging in Standby Mode

A cartoon Royal Blue Tang by the name of Dory once said“just keep swimming”.

Well, that really resonated with us. So we put a spin on it with our docking stations and coined the term “just keep charging”.

In simple terms: even when your PlayStation is on standby mode, your controllers keep charging. This means that no matter what errands you’ve got to run or dinner you must eat, you’ll still have full control of charging up your controllers.

Level up your charging game with our single and twin docking stations for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 today!

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