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Pokémon Scarlet or Pokémon Violet?

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Sarah Hook

That time is upon us again, yes that's right - introducing the next generation of the expansive Pokémon universe with Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, this time with an open world, no restrictions on what gym you decide to take on at each step and what feels like two different worlds within the same region. Pokémon Scarlet gives off a more dated, prehistoric impression with the legendary Pokémon of this gen resembling a bird who would fit in amongst the dinosaurs, Pokémon Violet is on the other end of the spectrum with its futuristic vibe and metallic lizard with an almost neon glow.

Can't decide which version to get? Let's go over the differences between Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet.

First off is the starter Pokémon, the names just keep getting more imaginative and you have to choose between water type Quaxly, grass type Sprigatito and fire type Fuecoco to be your companion throughout the Paldea region. Cute as ever!

Water type Quaxly, Grass type Sprigatito and Fire type Fuecoco

The Differences

In keeping with their previous style we'll be getting two Pokémon games released in this generation with slight differences between them, as before a key difference for fans are the exclusive Pokémon which come with each game. Pokémon Scarlet gives off more of an earthy fire feel with "Armarouge" "Tyranitar" and "Koraidon" instantly catching our eye with their interesting character design.

Pokémon Violet on the other hand gives a more futuristic, galaxy feeling with "Salamence" "Ceruledge" and "Miraidon" leading the group on a coolness level. "Eiscue" the penguin with an ice cube as a head may take a little bit more to really appreciate.

Think this next gen is full of odd Pokémon? Check out our list of who we think are the 10 weirdest Pokémon of all time.

Pokémon Professors

One aspect of the games that's never been done before is that they will have version-exclusive professors. If you go for Pokémon Scarlet you'll get Professor Sada whereas Pokémon Violet will give you Professor Turo. The difference between the games is more obvious here with Professor Sada's outfit giving her the appearance of a cave-woman whereas Professor Turo appears to be donning a futuristic body-suit under his lab coat.

School of Pokémon

For those of us who were fans of the original Pokémon it's time to go back to school! Well, in the game at least. In both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet you're enrolled into a prestigious school and it's all about Pokémon.

Depending on which game you pick up your school will be called either "Naranja Academy" in Scarlet or "Uva Academy" in Violet, the schools have different emblems and colour schemes to match their namesakes. Orange for Naranja and Purple for Uva extends to the uniforms of the students, the outfit of Clavell, the director of the academy, as well as "Team Star" this games antagonist group.

Game Lore

What sets all these Pokémon games apart is the lore and story of the games themselves not so much the Pokémon themselves. In way of building the story of this new region the game will have either "The Scarlet Book" or "The Violet Book" which details a story of an expedition from long ago and documented within these books will be details of either "Great Tusk" or "Iron Treads" the legendries of this generation of Pokémon.

So which Pokémon game will you be getting? Scarlet or Violet?

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