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Global Day of Parents 2022: Our Favourite Gaming Parents & The Lessons They Taught Us

Written by
Sarah Hook

We spend half our lives moaning about our parents, and the other half missing them. Whether it’s home-cooked meals, heartfelt hugs, or happy memories, our parents guided us to be the gamers we are today.

Let’s not forget, those gaming accessories didn’t just appear overnight. We had dear old mum and dad to thank for many a new controller or headset to keep us up at night. We also had them to thank for keeping us fed as we spent summer days indoors gaming away.

And this year, we’re taking part in the United Nations Global Day of Parents to celebrate those who’ve helped us grow. No matter who’s played the parental figure in your life, here’s your chance to give them a round of applause.

What is the Global Day of Parents?

Global Day of Parentstakes place on the 1st June 2022 and is held by the United Nations.

Every year, it emphasises the role of parents and recognises their responsibility for nurturing and protecting children. The UN believe in promoting the importance of children growing up in a family environment with happiness, love, and understanding.

Global Day of Parents provides an opportunity to appreciate all parents for their selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship.

Three cheers for dear old mum and dad

So, without further ado, let’s raise a toast to the parents in our lives. And not just our biological ones either, our video game parents, too.

We’ve played a lot of games over the years and learnt a lot of lessons. Just like real life, our in-game parents have taught us a thing or two. So, with the UN’s mission to celebrate the commitment parents make to children, here’s some of our favourite gaming parents and the lessons they taught us.

Cody & May – It Takes Two

When we first meet Cody& May, they’re closing the chapter on their relationship. When they break the news to their daughter Rose, they suddenly find themselves trapped in the bodies of her toy dolls.

Throughout the game, they team up to get back to their daughter and console her. With the help of a talking therapy book, Cody & May teach us a lot about relationships. From learning to work together to supporting each other’s passions.

As the ending reunites the family with a new perspective on their relationship, you’re left with the biggest lesson of them all: nothing will ever be stronger than a parent’s commitment to their children.

Joel Miller & Lee Everett – The Last Of Us& The Walking Dead

Okay, let’s clear a few things up first. We know Joel and Lee aren’t actually parents, and we know they’re from two different games, but they both become key parental figures in the lives of Ellie and Clementine, as they guide them through post-apocalyptic zombie-infested wastelands.

Both Joel and Lee teachEllie and Clementine survival skills that save their lives time after time.Better yet, those same skills help save the lives of others in later games when you live the life of those kids all grown up.

Beyond that though, they teach them the importance of commitment, of love, and of sacrifice. Both go to the ends of the earth to move mountains to protect Ellie and Clementine, with both going to the grave for the actions they took to protect them.

Mom – Every Pokémon Game, Ever.

It’s a tale as old as time. Whether you’re Red, Green, Blue or Yellow, every Pokémon game begins with saying goodbye to dear old mom as you set off to catch ‘em all.

And whilst Mom isn’t taking on every region’s trainer with you, or rescuing you from wild Pokémon, she’s always there to lend a helping hand when you head home. Sometimes she’ll send you helpful items in the mail, she’ll heal your Pokémon back to full health, and she’ll throw out some useful tips and tricks here and there.

The lessons we’ve learned from Pokémon over the years are plenty, but dear old mom reminds us that a parent’s love is never-ending, no matter how far from home we go or how old we grow. They’ll always be there for us, no matter what.

Now, let’s celebrate Global Day of Parents2022

Now we’ve tipped our cap to some of our favourite video game parents, it’s time to properly celebrate Global Day of Parents.

Why not grab some of our gaming accessories for PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox and spend some time gaming away with your parents, sharing your passions and showing some love.

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