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Best Multiplayer Games For You And Your Besties

Written by
Sarah Hook

When it comes to video games it's easy to imagine the cliche of a lonely single player experience and shut away in a dark room, especially with masterpieces the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2 and Marvel's Spider-man to be enjoyed, but for many the most enjoyable aspect of gaming is gaming with others. The multiplayer experience has evolved vastly, going from having to be sat together, sharing a small screen to being able to play online with anybody, anywhere at anytime.

From team-based battles to cooperative quests and immersive online worlds, multiplayer games offer a diverse range of gaming experiences that cater to every interest. Whether you're a fan of action, strategy, sports, or even simulation games, there's a multiplayer game out there that will captivate and challenge you.

It was reported in 2020 that up to 60% of gamers were playing more multiplayer games which is unsurprising considering the Covid lockdowns but it's a welcome reminder that even when we're locked inside our homes, through games we can all still keep connected.

We've compiled a list of our favourite multiplayer games for you and your best friend to enjoy this International Best Friends Day


First up on our list is Minecraft, for such a simple concept this game has solidified its place as a great multiplayer experience since 2009. You can either play with a group of friends or even take part in Minecraft competitions with up to hundreds of others.

It Takes Two

One game that really took off thanks to Twitch is It Takes Two, the only way to complete this game is to work together with another person. Levels require teamwork and communication in order to figure out a way to save the protagonists and return them to their human selves.

Among Us

Another multiplayer game that benefited hugely from Twitch streamers and YouTubers picking it up at the beginning of the lockdowns is Among Us. This is another game that can be enjoyed in a private session with friends or in randomly allocated lobbies.

Mario Kart

No list of multiplayer games would be complete without include the classic that is Mario Kart, Mario Kart has been a multiplayer powerhouse since its original release back on the SNES in 1992.

Dead By Daylight

Survive the night and escape the clutches of iconic horror villains or take on the role of the killer in Dead by Daylight. This game is a perfect mixture of strategy and chaos making it a top pick for anyone looking for a new multiplayer game to pick up.

Fall Guys

Another multiplayer game that surged in popularity in 2020 is Fall Guys, described as a "phenomenon" at the time it was no surprise that upon becoming free-to-play the player count erupted to over 50 million users. Battle others to get your hands on the coveted crown as you play solo or in a team against up to 60 other players.

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