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Animal Crossing: What's new for June?

Written by
Sarah Hook

It's a new month and that means a new update for Animal Crossing!  With the new season comes a mess of new bugs and fish to catch (see below for a full list) along with new shrubs, events, and items. It's Wedding Season so head on over to Harvey's Island to meet Reece and Cyrus, two lovestruck alpacas looking for anniversary pictures. There'll be some new currency and even some romantic items up for grabs.Have you grabbed yourself a copy of Animal Crossing yet or are you still on the fence? Check out our review of Animal Crossing to help make up your mind!


Get those fishing poles ready and your bait crafted!

Northern Hemisphere
  • Arapaima - Cost 10,000 - Location River - Size Large - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Arowana - Cost 10,000 - Location River - Size Medium - Time - 4pm – 9am.
  • Dorado - Cost 15,000 - Location River - Size Large - Time 4am – 9pm.
  • Gar - Cost 6,000 - Location Pond - Size Huge - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Giant snakehead - Cost 5,500 - Location Pond - Size Large Time - 9am – 4pm.
  • Great white shark - Cost 15,000 - Location Sea - Size Huge - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Hammerhead shark - Cost 8,000 - Location Sea - Size Huge - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Piranha - Cost 2,500 - Location River - Size Small - Time 9am – 4pm and 9pm – 4am.
  • Ribbon eel - Cost 600 - Location Sea - Size Thin - Time Anytime.
  • Saddled bichir - Cost 4,000 - Location River - Size Medium-Large - Time 9pm – 4am.
  • Saw shark - Cost 12,000 - Location Sea - Size Huge - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Suckerfish - Cost 1,500 - Location Sea - Size Large - Time Anytime.
  • Tilapia - Cost 800 - Location River- Size Medium Time - Anytime
  • Whale shark - Cost 13,000 - Location Sea - Size Huge - Time Anytime.
Southern Hemisphere
  • Oarfish - Cost 9,000 - Location Sea - Size Huge Time Anytime.
  • Pond smelt - Cost 500 - Location River - Size Small - Time Anytime.
  • Sea butterfly - Cost 1,000 - Location Sea - Size Small - Time Anytime
  • Stringfish - Cost 15,000 - Location River - Size Large - Time 4pm – 9am.
  • Squid - Cost 500 - Location Sea - Size Small - Time Anytime.



Northern Hemisphere
  • Drone beetle - Cost 200 - Location trees - Time Anytime.
  • Emperor butterfly - Cost 4,000 - Location Flying - Time 5pm – 8am.
  • Goliath beetle - Cost 8,000 - Location palm trees - Time 5pm – 8am.
  • Firefly - Cost 300 - Location Flying - Time 7pm – 4am.
  • Mosquito - Cost 130 - Location Flying - Time 5pm – 4am.
  • Rainbow stag - Cost 6,000 - Location trees - Time 7pm – 8am
Southern Hemisphere
  • Birdwing - Cost 2,500 - Location Flying - Time 8am – 5pm.
  • Dung beetle - Cost 3,000 - Location snowballs - Time Anytime
  • Emperor butterfly - Cost 4,000 Location Flying - 5pm – 8am.

DODO Airlines

To those of you who use the Tarantula/Scorpion island hack this update is the one for you. When your inventory is full to brim with creepy crawlies you can go to Wilbur and select one of two new options. GO for Delivery will allow you to send items directly into your home inventory. For free! GO for Liquidation will allow you to sell via the Nook Shop drop off box without having to leave the island. Gone are the days of clogging the beaches with everything you've picked up. Say hello to endless Bells (or until your patience dries up)

DODO Delivery Animal Crossing

Wedding Event

Weddings have made their way to Animal Crossing - to activate the wedding event you just need to go to Harv's island and interact with Harv and the two lovebirds (well Alpacas) Reese and Cyrus. Throughout the event players can unlock the Heart Crystal currency as well as unlocking exclusive Wedding Items. Here's hoping it's not as insufferable as Bunny Day.This event is running for the entirety of June so you've got plenty of time to rack up those heart crystals and collect all 29 new pieces of furniture.  Each day go back to Harv's island and talk to Reece, she'll tell you what set they want for that day and these are a choice of cute, chic and garden. If you meet the requirements then you'll be given heart crystals which can then be used to unlock the furniture by talking to Cyrus. It's that simple and the furniture is cute and will give a bit of class to any island.

Animal Crossing Wedding

Looks like June is set to be a productive month in the Animal Crossing World. Share your Nintendo Friend codes with us in the comments below so we can visit each other!

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