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A Quick Guide to Xbox Docking Stations

Written by
Dee Lever

Are you new to gaming? Maybe you’ve switched console loyalty and it’s your first time with Xbox? Or maybe you’re just looking for are fresher for charging up your wireless controller.

Whatever your situation, we’ve got you covered. In our quick guide to Xbox Docking Stations, we’ll tell you what they are, why you need one, and how to use them.

Back to basics: wireless gaming

Before we talk about docking stations, let’s think about why they exist.

Wireless gaming.

Thanks to technological advances, controllers for Xbox 360,Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S do away with the mess of old. You don’t need to damage your eyes by sitting close to your console anymore.

Wireless controllers mean you can plug in your Xbox, pick up your controller and play – no matter where.  

However, Uncle Ben once told Spider-Man “with wireless gaming comes charging responsibilities.” Or something along those lines. Controllers can’t stay charged forever.

But that doesn’t mean your gaming has to stop. Let our docking stations save the day.


What are docking stations?

Docking stations let you drop in your Xbox controller and charge it up. It’s that simple.


How do docking stations work?

Built to be the perfect addition to any Xbox gaming accessories setup, simply connect the USB cable to the dock and any USB power output for quick-and-easy charging.  

Using a 850Mah rechargeable battery pack, our innovative rear contacts connect the charging points automatically. As long as it’s plugged in, it’ll charge up even if your Xbox is on standby mode.


Why do I need a docking station?

If you’ve got no charge, you’ve got no chance of gaming. Like the wand choosing the wizard, right now, the controller chooses when to game.  

Docking stations make sure your controller’s always good to go, so you won’t have to wait to get in your daily dose of gaming. Docking stations empower you to be in control of when you play.

And they’ll save you money. You can stop spending your hard-earned cash on disposable batteries, freeing up your funds for new games, downloadable content, and accessories.  

Sounds good, right? Docking stations are by far the must-have Xbox gaming accessory.


How do I charge my controller using a docking station? 

It’s as easy as pie. All you have to do is follow these quick and simple steps and you’ll be charging in no time:

  1. Choose a spot by your set-up and place the docking station.
  2. Grab the detachable 2 metre USB cable.
  3. Connect it to the dock and any USB power output (such as your console or a USB mains plug).
  4. Drop your controller in the dock.
  5. Check the red light’s glowing.
  6. Congratulations, you’re charging!

What features does a docking station have?

What features doesn’t it have?

Alongside it’s rechargeable battery pack, say goodbye to guessing when it’s ready with its front-facing LED. Red light lets you know it’s charging, and when it glows green, you’re good to get gaming again.

The dock also comes complete with a detachable 2M type C USB cable to give you added flexibility of where you want to place your charger, making it the perfect addition to your Xbox gaming accessories setup.

We know the world doesn’t stop whilst you game. Stay connected and keep your other devices charged up with additional USB ports.

If you’ve got your own style going, there’s four colours to choose from: Black, Blue, Red and White. So, you can keep your set-up unique to you.

Need a little more convincing? That’s fine with us. Head over to our blog for 5 Ways Our Xbox Docking Stations level up charging.


Where can I get one?

You can grab your Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Xbox 360 docking stations from us right here.

You can also find us at any of the following retailers:

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