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6 of the Longest Video Games to Play During Lockdown

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It's a weird time right now, with lots of us stuck at home without much in the way of entertainment. Enter the humble video game. If you've found yourself with extra hours to fill over the next few weeks, here are 6 of the longest video games we've ever had the joy of playing.

1) Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (46 hour average)

The breathtakingly beautiful Switch game will take you about two days of non-stop play to complete, but more if you're really adventuring around and taking everything in. Maybe take the odd break to eat and sleep here and there though.

2) Dark Souls (50 hour average)

It took us way longer than this to complete the original Dark Souls title, mainly because we've never died so much in any other game before or since. If you can get through it without throwing your controller out of the window in frustration at least once we salute you.

3) Baldur's Gate II (70 hour average)

An absolute classic RPG and our personal favourite instalment in the series. We recommend grabbing the enhanced version, which should take you around 70 hours with all the side-content available.

4) Fallout 4, Game of the Year Edition (78 hour average)

We love the Fallout franchise, and unless you count the seemingly endless online gameplay of Fallout 76, it's one of the longest video games the franchise has to offer. Clocking in at an average playing time of 78 hours, the plot is compelling but there are plenty of side-missions and activities you can do around this to pass the time.

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5) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (80 hour average)

Players of the classic GTA: San Andreas clock up an average of 80 hours gameplay. We reckon we've actually clocked up more since going back to it over the years and spending plenty of time driving around causing mayhem.

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7) Animal Crossing: New Horizons (pretty much endless)

We couldn't compile a list like this without including one of the hottest games of the year. Although Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn't exactly have a beginning or end as such, you can while away hours and hours (and hours) creating your own little island paradise. It's release couldn't have come at a better time!Which will you be playing first?

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