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Gaming Decisions: 5 Impossible Choices

Written by
Sarah Hook

The phrase gaming decisions in the past would be between which game to buy - however gaming has seen a major rise in games which put the decision in your hands, giving you the power to mould the story to how you want it. If done well it can majorly increase the re-play ability of a game without the story going stale. Do it wrong though and you'll be sure that gamers will let you know about it. With games costing an average of £50 for current gen, with next gen games set to be £60+The idea of decisions sculpting gameplay can lead to some difficult choices, with even small options having the chance of changing the entire game. We've broken down the most difficult gaming decisions we've encountered.Obviously a spoiler warning is in effect.

Telltale The Walking Dead - The Fate Of Lee's Arm

Telltale's The Walking Dead sits on a bit of a controversial level with some gamers. Some decisions you make in this game with greatly impact the story, whereas with others it makes zero difference. Lee falls victim to a walker bite after Clementine's disappearance players were expecting the decision to come. Fans of the Walking Dead know that removing an infected limb could save you, but then there's the added 'what if's' which make this a difficult decision to make.

The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Who Do You Side With?

This is a simple definition of a game changing decision. CD Projekt RED essentially created two completely different games for the middle act for this game and it all hinged on one choice. Do you side with the 'terrorist'/freedom fighter Iorveth, or Geralt's friend, Vernon Roche. Whichever side you pick will open up different areas, NPC interactions and even different missions - so choose wisely.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Good or Evil?

Whilst this isn't one single choice players make, instead consisting of multiple decisions constantly thrown at you throughout. Whether you decide to play Arthur Morgan as a reformed character or a lawless cowboy the game experience will be wildly different. From the way that NPC's react to you, to getting discounts at shops if you're good, all the way to the way that Arthur meets his demise at the end.

Pokemon - Choose Your Starter Pokemon

Every Pokemon game has the same impossible gaming decisions from the start - which Pokemon do you select as your starter?Always a variation of fire, grass or water type with each generation of Pokemon game the choice is always there. Some people have their favourites (always the water type for me) but the first time playing this isn't a simple decision. Choosing the "wrong" one can make your game more difficult at the beginning, but flourish further on depending on which "type" of Pokemon you choose. Go for the grass and water type then the first badge will be easy - defeating a rock Pokemon with a fire type however can make things much more complicated.

Gaming Decision Pokemon

Heavy Rain - Murder an innocent man to save your son

One of the choices you have to make in Heavy Rain to appease the Origami killer is to murder an innocent man. Whilst Ethan fights with the man you discover that he is a drug dealer, but also a loving father. Just like Ethan (minus the drug dealing)You as the player have to make the active decision of whether to murder this man, plunging his families lives into misery, for the sake of your own son. If you opt for the choice of killing him, you will find that the next clue was in fact in the gun barrel all along, whereas if you spare him then you have failed the task set by the Origami Killer, therefore making the task of finding Sean all that more difficult.

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