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5 of the Best Game Soundtracks Ever Created

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Music can really make or break a game. The atmosphere is important, and can be the difference between a game becoming really addictive or instantly forgettable. We've all gone to sleep after a long session with a certain bit of music stuck in our heads. Here are 5 of the best game soundtracks ever created, according to us!


Composed by Mick Gordon, the 2016 Doom score is arguably one of the most iconic game soundtracks ever created. The intense prog metal sounds glitchy and industrial, containing multiple musical references to previous games in the franchise. In fact, it's so full of auditory easter eggs that someone's compiled a long list of them on the game's wiki.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

While it might not be the favourite game in the franchise for many Castlevania fans, they are almost unanimously agreed that it has the best game soundtrack. Elegant and creepy, it suits the game perfectly and really adds to the atmosphere. Michiru Yamane composed most if the game's tracks, and even sung on one of them.

Shadow of the Colossus

Arguably one of the best-loved PlayStation games ever released, Shadow of the Colossus also boasts a magnificent soundtrack. The music can change from creepily quiet to huge orchestral battle-cries in seconds, creating the perfect amount of tension before each creature fight. Kow Otani recently revisited his masterpiece for the well-received PS4 remaster, so you can now enjoy it all over again!

game sountracks - screenshot of diamond city radio buiding in fallout 4

Fallout 4

The soundtrack for Fallout 4 has two components. The first is an atmospheric and slightly creepy instrumental score, composed by Inon Zur, that follows you throughout the game on your quest. The second is the expertly curated Diamond City Radio, which plays mid-century music when you tune in, adding a "frozen in time" feel and reminding us just how long it's been since the nuclear event. We didn't know Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald could sound so eerie.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2

With music from Rage Against the Machine, Bad Religion and Anthrax, it's easy to see why the Pro Skater 2 soundtrack is a firm favourite both in and out of the skating community. Something about the angry punk tunes just makes hyper-focused on those high-scoring tricks. Released in 2000, it's a snapshot in skate-history.What's your favourite game soundtrack? We bet there's one stuck in your head right now!!Don't forget to check out our previous post while you're here!

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