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5 Games That We Wish Had Sequels

Written by
Sarah Hook

Some games never get the sequels they deserve. Others are launched into huge long-running franchises that gross millions of dollars.  Sometimes storylines are left on cliffhangers when developers go out of business or choose to focus on other titles. Here are the 5 games we wish sequels. We're not bitter about it, honest.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Of all the games that we wish had sequels, this tops the list. The critical response to Horizon Zero Dawn was overwhelmingly positive. Guerrilla Games would be foolish to not expand the world even further than the Frozen Wilds DLC pack. We were first introduced to Aloy's world back in 2017, and gamers have been calling out for a sequel ever since. When you take into consideration the way that the main game's storyline ended, a sequel is definitely a possibility.After all, the game has sold over 10 million copies, making it the bestselling PS4 exclusive of all time. The designs of the machines that dominate the landscape are impressive and highly detailed so it’s definitely exciting to think where the developers could take them next.

Horizon Zero Dawn gameplay

Rumours of a sequel circulated after a comment from voice actor Janina Gavankar. She said, “It's incredible, wait 'til you see the sequel.” But until we hear anything official, don't get your hopes up. With the PS5 on the horizon (pun intended) it’s not clear how long we’ll to have to wait to see Aloy again - here’s hoping it won’t be too much longer.

L.A Noire

When you talk to most gamers about Rockstar, major titles like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption usually come to mind. One game however that shouldn’t be forgotten is L.A Noire. The imperfect but innovative title was released back in 2011, with the detective drama leaving plenty of opportunities for further cases to be solved.With the game re-released on Nintendo Switch in 2017, it’s expected that Rockstar may just have something hidden up their sleeve. We don't expect anything any time soon though. Their next major game is rumoured to be Grand Theft Auto 6, but there's no definitive news just yet.


What’s not to love about hunting monsters? A lot, apparently. In 2018 it was announced that the servers for Evolve would officially shut down, rendering the game effectively dead. The concept of Evolve was simple. As a team of four, each with different skills, hunt down a monster in a race against time - before the monster regains strength and kills everyone and everything.

Evovle monsters and characters

Prior to the game's release, it was tipped to be a success. But once it arrived there was some heavy criticism which saw the player numbers dwindle. Eventually, it was released as a free-to-play game called 'Evolve Stage 2' in an attempt to get gamers back. Even that wasn’t enough to save the game, which to me is a shame - especially when you consider the potential of DLC packs and sequels for a game such as this.

Shadow of the Colossus

One of the best things about contemporary gaming is the insane level of detail that goes into them. You can spend hours playing certain games and still never see every part of it. Shadow of the Colossus is the exact opposite. There are no towns, buildings, caves or anything of the sort to explore. There is one storyline. You have one motivation throughout the game:  defeat 16 giant beings simply named “colossi” in order to resurrect a girl named Mono. Considering the simplicity of the mission, the gameplay itself is anything but straightforward. Shadow of the Colossus is very much a puzzle game, with each colossi having different weak points and ways to be defeated.This game has proved so popular that it has been remastered not once, but twice since its initial release on PS2 in 2005. It was remastered for PS3 in 2011 and then again for PS4 in 2018. What we want to know is why they have yet to create a sequel for such a beloved game.

Simpsons Hit and Run

The fact that Simpsons Hit and Run has still not had a sequel is frankly an injustice to this gem. When you consider the enduring popularity of the TV show even to this day, there are plenty of opportunities to do another game at least – if not a franchise.In 2003 the game hit PS2, Gamecube and Xbox consoles. The game graphics are somewhat dated now, but hearing the characters iconic catchphrases and costumes of the show makes up for that. Many aspects of the game took inspiration from Grand Theft Auto 3, which was released two years prior. Mixing the family-friendly (ish) nature of the Simpsons with the hit and run premise gave it that perfect balance of fun and cheeky behaviour that appealed to gamers on all fronts.With a second Simpsons Movie being greenlit back in 2018, it’s not completely out of the question to hope for a sequel to this gem of a game.So there you have it. 5 games that we wish had sequels. Which games would you love to see a sequel made for? Let us know in the comments below!

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