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5 Game Sequels That Shouldn't Exist

Written by
Sarah Hook

Whilst we can’t get enough of some games, there’s others in particular that really, really didn't need a follow-up title. Whether it’s due to poor storylines or the game being plagued by glitches we’ve compiled a list of the worst game sequels ever made. Do you agree with our selection?

game sequels -tomb raider

Tomb Raider: Underworld

The critical reception of Tomb Raider: Underworld was mixed, to say the least upon its release. Depending on which console you played it on, it could either be described as a masterpiece or an absolute disaster. The biggest issues that plagued the game, according to GameSpot's review, were “bugs, camera issues and ill-conceived Wii extras.” It’s not so much that we wish this game didn’t exist - after all, it’s not a terrible game - we just wish they put more time into the development of it.

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Resident Evil 6

A clear attempt by Capcom to keep the Resident Evil franchise alive and relevant was met by a mixed response. Many gamers slated this instalment of the series for stepping further away from its roots as a survival horror game and simply becoming a third-person action shooter. It’s no coincidence that after Resident Evil 6 was released Capcom began the consideration of rebooting the whole series and going back to its classic horror origins. It was this process that brought us Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so I guess we should be grateful.

dragon age 2 - worst sequels

Dragon Age 2

The original Dragon Age game was well-loved by gamers. It had a compelling plot, fun gameplay and a real variety of characters – so what did BioWare do with the sequel? Completely ruined it. Developers dramatically changed the gameplay so that it essentially became a button-mashing exercise. They also removed the experience of interacting with companions and even made the map smaller (big mistake)!

Duke Nukem Forever

Originally this game began development in 1997, but was plagued with delays. By the time it was released in 2011 (yep, 14 years later), people were not impressed. Key criticisms included the long loading times, the unforgiving controls, offensive humor (mainly towards women) and of course, the dated look and design. It was enough to permanently place this game in the “Why Bother?” category. Into the bargain bin it went.

Watchdogs 2

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 can be described as having received “generally favourable reviews”, but ultimately Ubisoft could have gone with giving it a bit more time to really flesh out the glitches they've become so well known for.Whilst hacking was made more of a priority feature compared to the original game, this didn’t necessarily improve the experience. Instead, it brought to light the fact that having guns in the game was almost completely unnecessary. The game introduced the group “DedSec”, which we will also see in the (much more promising) 3rd instalment of the franchise. In Watch Dogs 2 the group are even described as “an Anonymous-esque group of peaceful hacktivists”.It definitely appeared that Ubisoft tried to cash in on the “Grand Theft Auto” style of gaming in which players can randomly commit crimes and cause mayhem without it impacting the main story thread. We're not saying that Watch Dogs 2 shouldn’t have existed at all, but it definitely could have benefitted from a bit of fine-tuning before being released.What's your least favourite game sequel? Let us know in the comments below!Don't forget to check out our previous piece on the sequels we wish they would hurry up and make, too.

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