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Weird Video Games We Can’t Believe Actually Exist

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Let’s talk about weird video games. With so many thousands of titles available to play from developers big and small, there are bound to be a few strange ones. We’ve dug up some of the most bizarre, from the hilarious to the downright creepy.

Goat Simulator

This meme-worthy game hit the shelves in 2014 and hasn’t stopped making us laugh since.Roam around the open-world map and cause as much damage and destruction as possible using your goat in order to succeed.Although the game was originally created as a joke, it actually received some positive reviews. There are even expansion packs available.

Mister Mosquito

Play as a mosquito (yep, you heard) and try to suck enough blood to survive. But be careful, suck too much and you’ll wake the human, who will try to swat you to death. A true tale of survival from 2001.[embed][/embed]

Purrfect Date

We don’t even know where to start with this one. Buckle up. Released in 2017, Purrfect Date sees your character start a new job as a research assistant in a lab on Cat Island. Your job is to catalogue the island’s feline residents.Suddenly, you contract a disease that will eventually transform you from human to cat. While you try to find out more about where all the cats on the island come from and develop a cure, your character can also date cats. Yep.

Purrfect Date Screenshot

We will say, however, that this aspect of the game isn’t as grim and seedy as it sounds. ‘Dating’ the cats actually just involves hanging out with them and getting to know them in order to get more information from them and get closer to a cure. Play as six different characters and complete your research to finally find the antidote. Be warned: it gets a little dark!

The American Dream

As weird video games go, The American Dream VR is really up there. Designed as a satire about US gun culture and released just last year, it already feels totally out of touch. The most unsettling thing about this game is that while it was designed to make you feel repulsed by the idea of owning a gun, it allows you to play with numerous weapons of varying complexity, and use them.You begin the game as a baby with a gun) and play through to adulthood. But the amusement of it all really takes away from the anti-gun message.[embed][/embed]

The Typing of the Dead

This 1996 Sega title requires you to type to survive! The premise is unusual but oddly fun. The faster you type, the more Zombies you can knock down. Make a mistake and it could be fatal.Whoever said that gaming doesn’t give you any transferable skills clearly never played this one!


1999’s strangest gaming export has to be Seaman. The premise is simple, but kind of creepy. Players are entrusted with the care of a ‘Seaman’ specimen – a newly discovered sea-dwelling species with the face of a man and the body of a fish. Not disturbing at all, look...

Part man, part fish from the Seaman game

Narrated by Leonard Nimoy, you must keep the Seaman alive through each stage of its development.The game was released on Dreamcast and PS2, and bizarrely sold pretty well. No, we don’t know why either.

Changing Rooms (PC)

Create the room of your somewhat limited/relatively boring dreams with the help of Lawrence, Linda and co. Originally released in 2001, we have absolutely no idea why this game even exists.

Changing Rooms PC Game

Lucky for you, it’s currently available on Amazon for a mere 10p. We’re not kidding.Are there any other crazy games out there that we should know about? Comment below and tell us about the weird video games we should try out next! Alternatively, Tweet us @VenomGamingUK.

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