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A Quick Guide to Gaming Storage

Written by
Sarah Hook

What do Death Stranding, Moonlighter, and Minecraft have in common? Other than being brilliant games, they’ve nailed their storage systems. When you’re not gaming from dusk till dawn, you don’t want Tusken Raiders stealing your stuff. That’s where we step in with our gamer-empowering storage accessories.

Whether it’s keeping your consoles cosy and cool in our colour-changing LED stands or protecting your precious games like Gollum and the ring with our travel-ready carry cases, we’ve got the Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox gaming storage you need.

Like Sony’s State of Play, this guide will give you the lowdown on what gaming storage we offer, what it does, and why you need it.

How do I store my consoles when I’m gaming?

If a pizza’s home isa hut, a console’s home is a Colour Change LED Stand. With unique stands for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 5, and Xbox Series X, your consoles will keep warm in the winter months whilst looking cool all year long.

Why should I store my consoles with a stand?

Long gone are the days of basement gaming. Thanks to eSports and streaming, YouTube and Twitch, we live in a world where gaming in style matters.

With 8 colour options and multiple settings to choose from, your stand will let you showcase your personality and stand out from the crowd.

What features do Colour Change LED Stands for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X have?

  • Built in controls, including ON/OFF, colour settings, brightness, pulsing glow or solid light      
  • 8 colour options including: blue, green, purple, red, orange, pink, white and multi colour cycle      
  • Features 1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB type C port    
  • USB powered with 20cm cable which plugs directly into your console

What features do Colour Change LED Stands for Nintendo Switch have?

  • Colour changing LED stand for Nintendo Switch and OLED Switch
  • Creates a stunning effect within your gaming setup
  • Illuminates your console with a choice of seven different colours
  • Adjustable brightness with fixed colour or cycle functionality
  • USB powered - simply connect the included cable to your Nintendo Switch console
  • Retains access to all ports, buttons, vents and other console controls

What gaming storage is there for travelling?

Like eighties easter eggs in Stranger Things, we’ve got enough gaming storage for travelling to fend off a demogorgon or two. Whether it’s our Gaming Travel Kit for Xbox or our Carry Case for Nintendo Switch, the options are (nearly) never-ending.

Why do I need gaming storage for travelling?

Sunning yourself on tropical islands or train journeys to work and back shouldn’t stop you from gaming. Keep the achievements and trophies piling in and your consoles and games protected when you’re on-the-go. 

Don’t let lost luggage deprive you of your gaming needs, better to be safe than sorry with our travel-ready cases and kits.

What features does the Gaming Travel Kit for Xbox include?

  • 6-in-1 travel kit that includes a fully adjustable controller clamp
  • Designed to fit all official Xbox controllers and suitable for 4-7" smart mobile phone and screen sizes
  • Flexible display options with adjustable clamp to hold your device securely
  • Easy to attach and simply folds away for easy storage and portability
  • Perfect for gaming on the go via Microsoft's Xbox streaming services
  • Compatible with series X/S and Xbox One controllers.

What features does the Carry Case for Nintendo Switch include?

  • Robust outer shell to protect from bumps and scratches      
  • Adjustable carry strap      
  • Internal foam fits perfectly around your console and accessories      
  • Holds up to 21 games

How do I store my gaming accessories at home?

This one’s as easy as pie – you need to grab yourself our Universal Gaming Storage Tower, Universal Controller Carry Case, and Nintendo Switch Pro Gamer and Protective Shell cases.

Why do I need to store my gaming accessories?

Mucky hands and messy homes do not good gamers make. Nothing’s worse than passing your pals a controller covered in cat hair, right? Keep everything clean and tidy whilst looking effortlessly cool at the same time by storing them up.

What features doesthe Universal Gaming Storage Tower have?

  • Compact storage tower suitable for use with any video game console set-up
  • Keeps your gaming area organised and prevents surface dust build-up which can harm your controllers and headsets
  • Includes storage areas for up to 4 controllers, 2 headsets, 10 games case and other small accessories
  • Sturdy design with simple assembly instructions
  • Dimensions when assembled: Height 47cm, Width31cm, Depth, 14cm

What features does the Universal Controller Carry Case have?

  • Universal video game controller carry case suitable for most consoles
  • Sturdy outer shell with soft padded interior to keep your controller protected when on the move
  • Includes additional mesh compartment to store charging cables and other small accessories
  • Reinforced carrying handle for added security
  • Suitable for most official and third party controllers including PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch andGoogle Stadia

What features does the Protective Shell Case have?

  • Clear hard-shell case provides a perfect fit and protects your console     
  • Built-in storage for up to 8 game cartridges      
  • Ergonomically designed matt hand grips for added comfort     
  • Includes a 9H tempered glass screen protector to prevent scratches     
  • No need to remove the case when docking your Switch console

What features does the Pro Gamer Case have?

  • Transparent form fitting robust protective shell case for Nintendo Switch Lite
  • Features enhanced ergonomic hand grips for added comfort during game play
  • Rear flip stand enables desk top display whilst also doubling up as a storage compartment for up to 4 game cards
  • Comes complete with a 9H tempered glass screen protector for ultimate protection against scratches to your screen
  • Once fitted, the case retains access to all controls, buttons and ports 

Am I ready to get back to gaming?

Absolutely! Simply stock up on all your gaming storage accessories and you’re good to go!

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