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The Games That Shaped Us #3|Pac Man on Atari 2600|

The Games that Shaped Us (#3)

Written by
Sarah Hook

Each month, a different member of the team will sit down to tell us about the games that hold a special place in their heart. These are the games that shaped us, and this week it's the turn of Logistics Manager Marc Daynes. We sat down with him to discuss his gaming loves, hates and memories!


Marc Daynes


Logistics Manager

Preferred console or method of gaming:

Definitely either the Xbox One or my trusty PS4.

First console and/or game you played:

I had an Atari 2600 – you know the wooden looking ones? The first game I played was Pac Man – I think.

Pac Man on Atari 2600
Favourite game of all time:

Ooh, probably Mario Kart. The kids are mad for it so it’s always entertaining.

Least favourite game of all time:

FIFA! Well, any football games really. Don't get me wrong, I love watching football in real life but I just can’t get into kicking a ball around in a video game.

Game you’re most looking forward to:

Borderlands 3 for sure, I’ve played the first two the whole way through and just love them.

Borderlands 3
Greatest Gaming Achievement:

When I earned 1000 gamer points for COD4 Modern warfare on my XBOX 360. Those were the days.

Your Fondest Gaming Memory:

When I was younger I really wanted a Gameboy for Christmas but as they were too expensive the likelihood of me getting one was next to zero - I was gutted. Then, a week before Christmas, my sister was taken ill and needed an emergency operation. On Christmas Eve she was allowed to come home from the hospital, so the next morning on Christmas Day we all sat on her bed and opened our presents and everything was great. Next thing I know my dad handed us each a present (from Santa, of course) and it was only a Gameboy each for me and my sister! It’s one of my favourite memories and definitely something I’ll never forget.Did you ever play any of the games mentioned above? Leave a comment telling us about your favourite games as a kid and join us on our trip to the days of gaming past!Stay tuned for more in our 'The Games that Shaped Us' series in August, and read the previous instalment while you wait.

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