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Streaming: Its Rise And What It Means For Gamers

Written by
Sarah Hook

With the likes of Netflix, Spotify, YouTube and most recently Disney+ (to name just a few) streaming services have seen a massive uprise in the last decade. With streaming services spreading into all types of media is it just a matter of time before streaming games becomes the new normal? Do the pros of having a console outweigh those of being able to stream games?

Google Stadia

Right now it's impossible to discuss streaming games without mentioning Google Stadia. It may not have had the strongest start however the addition of major titles in 2020 are bound to entice players who are on the fence. The biggest issue that comes with Google Stadia - in our experience - is the ability to stream at 4 K resolution with no lag which is no easy feat. Enjoying a game isn't only about the story or the game mechanics, graphics and effects are just as important to some.The reviews haven't been kind to Google Stadia, but Netflix didn't happen overnight so we're still holding out hope. To launch without teething problems is almost unknown, especially in the gaming community. Some glitches have gone down in history like our favourite 8 Game Glitches.Want to get in on streaming your games? Here are The Best Games Available On Google Stadia

Spreading Across Multiple Medias

Gaining access to a streaming service is so simple, all it takes is a smart phone and a bit of internet. We can access these services from anywhere and at anytime. Sitting in the airport waiting for your delayed flight? Just launch Netflix on your phone or tablet and you've got hundreds of hours of entertainment at your fingertips. Want to listen to a particular song? No problem - Spotify has everything you need just waiting for you. With our TV, movies and music all covered by streaming - why not gaming?

Time To Break Up With The Console?

The console wars between PlayStation and Xbox have been going on pretty much since they came on the scene. Gamers can be fiercely loyal so the introduction of the idea of abandoning their consoles to opt for streaming instead certainly rubbed some people the wrong way. The console can be a centrepiece for gaming set ups, if you look at pretty much any streamer on Twitch you'll be able to see the console taking pride of place.The feeling of physically owning a game and having it as part of a display is something that comes with gaming. Not only is it cheaper to buy the disk version of your favourite games but you don't have to worry about losing it forever if the hard drive corrupts. With streaming a game you don't actually own it - it's more like renting the game. For this to tempt gamers to make the move it would need a significant price reduction to be appealing. With so many streaming services available now you can't possibly have all of them without spending an absolute fortune. It may only be £7.99 a month, but when you have one for TV and movies, one for music and another for gaming - the price quickly adds up doesn't it.

Is It Our Future?

Personally I think everything is heading towards streaming, but do I think it will completely replace console gaming? No. Definitely not. With the PS5 and Xbox Series X due to be released this Autumn/Winter we're confident that the landscape of gaming won't be changing drastically anytime soon. If Google Stadia can fix the issues reported with the founders edition then maybe - best to watch this space!

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