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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Is A Buggy mess

Written by
Sarah Hook

The newest instalments of the Pokémon franchise have arrived and there's been some *mixed* reactions. All you need to do is scroll the hashtags on Twitter and you'll see people aren't talking about the new Pokémon, the new region or new gameplay features, instead it's almost become a game of who has the weirdest, most concerning glitches. We've taken a scroll and picked out some of our favourites below!

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November 22, 2021

5 Ways Our PlayStation Docking Stations transform charging

Written by
Dee Lever

When we game, we love grinding for unlockable rewards. We put our work ethic into our docking stations so they’re above and beyond the average charging accessory. Don’t believe us? Fine, here’s five reasons why you should!

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