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Our Guide to Nintendo Switch Gaming Accessories

Written by
Sarah Hook

It’s been 5 years since the Nintendo Switch dropped into our lives. And picking up our Joy-Con’s and spending hours with Link, Mario, and Tom Nook still fill us with the warmth of milk and cookies. But if you’re just getting started with the Switch, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

So you don’t have to miss out on clocking up Nook miles in Animal Crossing: New Horizons or becoming the champion and catching them all in Galar in Pokemon Sword and Shield, we’ve done your homework for you. In our quick guide to Nintendo Switch accessories, we’ll tell you what they are and why you need them.

How do I keep my Joy-Con controllers charged?

All you need is our dock-and-store Quad Charging Station.

Why do I need a Quad Charging Station for Nintendo Switch?

Unlike PlayStation and Xbox, the Nintendo Switch lets you pick up and play your favourite games whenever you want, wherever you are. But that means you need to keep an eye on your controller’s battery power.

Don’t ditch your friends during the Smash Bros tournament when your Joy-Con controllers die, and don’t cut short your morning commutes journey through Hyrule. Pick up a Quad Charging Station for your Switch now and level up your gaming.

What features do Nintendo Switch Quad Charging Stations have? 

We see our charging stations like we see side quests in Breath of the Wild – the gifts that keep on giving. Here’s the key features you need to know:

  • Charges up to 4 Joy-Con controllers at the same time      
  • Individual LED indicate charge levels for eachJoy-Con        
  • Easy slide on design      
  • Matt finish to match your Nintendo SwitchSystem    
  • Red LED charge indicators turn to blue whenfully charged      
  • Includes USB cable

Where can I store my Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers when I’m not gaming?

Our Universal Gaming Storage Tower is the one-stop shop for all your gaming needs. You can store up to 4 controllers by hanging them on either side of the tower. And there’s even space for up to 10 games and 2 headsets. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe for Hogwarts Legacy to let us in on when it’s coming out, but you can’t have everything.  

Why do I need a universal gaming storage tower?

Us gamers get a bad rap from society sometimes. But in the age of streaming, style is everything. Our storage tower for Nintendo Switch offers minimal mess and maximum cool, designed to slip into any space.

Not only does our universal gaming storage tower save space, but it’ll also keep your controllers off the floor and away from your pets. Nobody wants to play Beacon Pines covered in pet hair, right?

What features do universal gaming storage towers have?‍

  • No need to game solo again – these towers store up to 4 controllers.
  • Never lose sight of your favourite games – there’s space for up to 10 of them.
  • Stop your headsets from getting hurt – store 2 of them on your tower.
  • Sturdy design that stands the test of time, with simple instructions for setting it up.
  • If you’re not just a Nintendo gamer, the tower’s universal storage space means you can mix-and-match your console accessories, whether it’s PlayStation or Xbox.

How do I chat to my friends online whilst we play?

We always craft the coolest homes on Minecraft, so why not craft your comfort too? Cop a pair of our gaming headsets for your Nintendo Switch.

Experience immersive in-game sound and chat with our Sabre Stereo Gaming Headset and Nighthawk Chat and Stereo headsets. 

Do you like streaming? Even better, you’ll have all the comfort you need for in-depth play-throughs AND you’ll look stylish doing it with slick, console-matching designs. 

Why do I need a gaming headset for my Nintendo Switch?

Why wouldn’t you want one? Here’s a handful of reasons why you’ll want to grab yourself a headset as soon as possible:

  1. You can game from dusk to dawn without disturbing your housemates – and fully immerse yourself into your gaming at the same time!
  2. On the flipside, you’ll block out annoying brothers and barking dogs for maximum concentration.
  3. Say goodbye to stopping your game to text back your mates – our headsets let you chat as you play so you won’t miss a beat.
  4. Seeing a film in a cinema lets you benefit from surround sound – playing your Nintendo Switch with a headset is just the same. Go on, treat yourself to superior sound quality now.

What features do headsets for Nintendo Switch have?

Whilst all our headsets are unique, they’ve all got some universal features to get you going. Unlike that level you’re stuck on, we’ll unlock them for you below:

  • No head is the same, so all our headsets have adjustable soft-cushioned headbands to keep things comfortable.
  • And that’s not all – soft-cushioned ear cups double up the comfort.
  • Fully adjustable microphones mean you can get chatting in an instant and slide it out of the way when it’s time for solo play.
  • Mum’s knocking on your door for dinner? No worries, you can mute your mic in an instant.
  • 50mm (Sabre) and 40mm (Nighthawk) speaker drivers provide superior depth and clarity for the ultimate gaming experience.

Can I customise my Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers?

Absolutely – enhance your joy-cons with our colourful thumb grips in red & blue and pink & green.

What features do Thumb Grips for Nintendo Switch have?

Gaming has always been out individuality. It’s about being yourself. And our thumb grips let you make your controller your own. Here’s the five features you need to know:

  1. Pack of 4 analogue stick thumbgrips
  2. Raised Dot design for added in-game grip and control
  3. Suitable for use on Nintendo Switch Lite thumb sticks, Joy Con Controllers and Pro controllers
  4. Protects your analogue sticks against wear and tear
  5. Available in different colour packs to match your controllers.

Are there any gaming accessories to enhance my Nintendo Switch experience?

The wonderful thing about Nintendo is that they’re always giving us so many ways to play. Celebrating just how fun the Switch is for all the family, we’ve got our Sports Accessory Pack, Racing Wheels, and Colour Change LED Stand for Nintendo Switch to enhance your experience.

Just like Noah’s Ark, our Sports Accessory Pack comes complete with 2 tennis rackets, 2 golf clubs, 2 swords, and 2 leg straps. Designed to perfectly fit your Joy-Cons, channel your inner Andy Murray right away.

Our racing wheel twin pack is the perfect way to take yourMario Kart 8 sessions to the next level. Simply slide your Joy-Con controllers into the wheel and feel like you’re jumping into the driver’s seat.

Add a touch of style to your gaming setup with our stunning LED stand for Nintendo Switch. Suitable for both the original Nintendo Switch and the OLED Switch, the simple USB powered dock illuminates your console with your choice of one of seven fixed colours or on a constant loop through all the spectrum of lights. The colour and brightness can be adjusted with the touch of a button and the lights can also be turned on or off without having to disconnect the console. The stand connects via USB to your Switch dock whilst the base design ensures you retain access to all ports and vents, offering an extra level of sturdiness to hold your console in place.

Am I ready to get gaming now?

Absolutely! Simply start up your Nintendo Switch, grab your joy-cons from your quad charging station, pop on your headset and thumb grips and get gaming.

Our mission is to empower gamers and offer the ultimate experience. So, we know there’s always more gaming accessories to add to your collection. You can view our full range for Nintendo Switch here.

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