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Iconic Female Game Characters

Written by
Sarah Hook

It's International Women's Day and we're spending the day celebrating just some of our favourite female game characters - whether you're a woman looking for some representation in games, a man who just wanted to play a female protagonist or non-binary simply here for the vibes there's guaranteed to be someone on this list that's the perfect protagonist for you.

Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn & Forbidden West

In no particular order we're starting off with Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, with her flaming red hair and signature style with a bow and arrow it's no surprise Aloy is a firm entry on our list. The story of Aloy, the clone of the great Elisabet Sobeck, is set some 1000 years into the future after life as we know it was irradiated by Faro machines originally designed to aid the world. Our protagonist came to be after GAIA initiated the "Lightkeeper Protocol" after the HADES sub-function attempted to take over GAIA's terraforming systems to rid the planet of life once again.

Lara Croft - Tomb Raider

No list of iconic women in games would be complete without THE Tomb Raider herself, Lara Croft. She made her original debut back in 1996 and from the off was an adored character and is currently the official Guinness World Record holder for "Best Selling Video Game Heroine". She's transcended games and you can follow her epic adventures in games as well as comic books, multiple films and animations so whether she's plundering ancient tombs or traversing the arctic Lara's done it all and we're happy to go along for the ride.

Ellie - The Last of Us

When it comes to women in games there's few names more recognisable than Ellie from the Last of Us - endless remakes, remasters, sequels and now a hugely successful TV show later Ellie's journey is one that stays with you. Watching her grow through the apocalypse and everything she goes through gives the player a sense of connection with Ellie which is why she's a firm entry on our list of faves.

Princess Zelda - Legend of Zelda

One of the biggest names on the list is also one that people often get wrong - it may be Link's journey but it's Zelda's Legend.

Claire Redfield - Resident Evil

Next up on our list of awesome women in games is Claire Redfield from Resident Evil, after surviving the Raccoon City incident Claire was determined to track down her brother even if it meant trying to infiltrate Umbrella Corps Paris Laboratory, and her relationship with young Sherry Birkin and being pivotal in her survival in Resident Evil 2 cements Claire on our list.

Clementine - Tell Tale's The Walking Dead

Throughout the first season of Tell Tale's The Walking Dead Clementine was this poor, sweet little girl who'd been thrust into the apocalypse headfirst when our original protagonist Lee found her hiding out in her tree house, this could not be further from the Clem she grows to be by the time the game's last season is over. Whether it's walkers she's dealing with, adults making terrible decisions for her or navigating raising AJ nothing seems to phase Clementine and she's the perfect example of Women run sh*t.

Sadie Adler - Red Dead Redemption 2

We met Sadie at her lowest, her husband had just been murdered by the O’Driscoll boys and she was hiding out in the cellar desperate to avoid the same fate, just for Dutch and company to come along looking for supplies and when one thing lead to another after a gun fight with the O’Driscolls, and thanks to Micah, her house ends up setting alight. For most this would have been enough to give up, but not Sadie. She becomes an integral member of the gang and her crusade of revenge is her main drive throughout the game and the mission where she and Arthur eliminate the remaining members of the gang gives Sadie that satisfying moment of avenging her husbands death by brutally murdering his killer.

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