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Games of 2019: The Best, Worst and Weirdest

Written by
Sarah Hook

The enjoyment of a game is completely objective to the player, so what we have in our "Best" category you may have in your "Worst". That's the best part of the gaming community. With so many types of games out there anybody can find something they love. We at Venom went through and reviewed the Games of 2019 and these are our best, worst and weirdest.


Pokemon Sword & Shield

The announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield was music to my inner child's' ears. A mixture of new and old Pokemon all bundled into a new story line, a whole new region as well as current gen graphics was enough for us to hit that pre order button. Nintendo kept in theme with releases two versions at once so the only question really was which one ... or both?

Games of 2019 Pokemon Sword and Shield
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Nerds rejoice! Not only were we treated to the final installment of the latest Star Wars trilogy but 2019 also treated us to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It received rave reviews and won Titanium Awards Game of the Year, Best Game Design and Best Adventure Game. It's no wonder it was so popular - running around using the Force and playing with Lightsabers? Childhood dreams do come true! We still love it - even if it did fall victim to the 2k20 bug which glitched and made it unplayable.

Games of 2019 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Days Gone

Even with the risk of being just another zombie game there was something about Days Gone which set it apart from all the others. The thrill of taking out hordes and being creative about it was enough to keep us coming back for more. The game won the coveted accolade PlayStation Game of the Year as well as Best Visual Design and Best Spanish Performance.

Games of 2019 Days Gone


WWE 2K20

What can we say about WWE 2K20? It was such a disappointment. Full of glitches and, poor graphics and bizarrely a change in controls - it's no surprise WWE 2K20 found its place on our worst list.

After playing this game I think it's safe to say we need to update our 8 funniest game glitches

Left Alive

If all had gone to plan we wouldn't be including Left Alive in our Games of 2019 list. With an original release date of 2018 Square Enix delayed release until March 2019. Then with reviews calling it the "Worst game of 2019" maybe a further delay was needed? Square Enix decided a reboot/remake/rewhatever was needed of the Front Mission franchise and fans are wishing they left it well alone. With clunky "stealth" missions where you can't be stealthy and voice acting which leave much to be desired it's solidified a spot on our worst games of 2019.

Games of 2019 Left Alive
Narcos: Rise of the Cartels

When we heard there was a game being made of Narcos those of us who have seen the popular Netflix show were pretty excited about it. With the history of Pablo Escobar we felt the game could have, and honestly should have, been more than a turn based game. Ultimately the game left us feeling let down, and even a little bored.

Games of 2019 Narcos Rise of the Cartels



A game that's centered around your mission to find the truth about your missing brother by going into some super weird government building and then for some reason becoming the director and having to fight off swarms of evil floating beings which can take over someones body - oh and you have a modular gun which can range from a hand gun to a machine gun? Yeah ... no wonder Control is sitting high on our weirdest games of 2019 list.

Games of 2019 Control

Intrigued by Control? Check out our review for more information on the game!

Death Stranding

To this day I'm still not confident I completely understand Death Stranding. The mind of Hideo Kojima is a very strange place. To come up with the idea of using babies as machines to survive creepy alien looking things - that's just weird, but in a good way. I think?

Games of 2019 Death Stranding
Untitled Goose Game

You play as an annoying Goose... This game is just the definition of weird and wonderful! Your aim for each level is to do what geese do well - terrorise and annoy the NPC's.

Games of 2019 Untitled Goose Game

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