Disney Dreamlight Valley Beginners Guide

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Ahh, Disney Dreamlight Valley, the perfect nostalgic cosy game made for everyone. It’s a firm favourite of ours, with a plethora of exciting things to do and the sheer excitement of seeing your favourite Disney characters come to life! From old-school favourites like Goofy to newer introductions to the world of Disney such as Moana. So, with that said we’re here to give you some tips and tricks to get you started if you’re a newcomer.

This spectacularly fun game was released in September 2022 for all gaming consoles and then came the macOS version in the December. Given that we’ve just been given the games 5th update on the 9th June, let’s dive into our must-know beginners guide that the basics, including foraging and boosting your friendships.

Foraging and Fishing

Foraging can be done in all areas of the game. Each biome has specific foragable items waiting for you to find, which is great as it means you won't be able to find every all of them straight away. You’ll have to unlock the new locations first, which keeps it interesting. The more you play, the more you will find, items such as such as clay, crystal, pebbles, and sand.

Fishing can also be done in all of the biomes within the game, and you’ll find that fishing from different water sources such as ponds, rivers, streams, or even the ocean itself gets you different types of fish. The fish that you catch are essential, because you’ll need them to create your meals. Although you might be feeling greedy and want to gobble the fish straight away to replenish your energy, we recommend you hold onto them for cooking, or even to sell them.

Friendships and companions

Friendships are one of the best and most rewarding parts of the game, and turning neighbours into friends is a crucial part of the journey. If you're looking to become best pals with people like Mickey, Remy, and Anna, it takes time, effort, and generosity. There are many ways you can make friends including doing friendship quests, having daily chats, giving gifts and serving meals, and simply just hanging out. Discover more detail here.

Aside from these types of friends, there are also very the special animals that you can make friends with, the game calls them ‘companions. They include Sea Turtles, Crocodiles, Foxes, Rabbits, and Ravens. Certain companions can only be obtained by completing quests, purchasing Founder's Packs, or unlocking via Star Paths. One of the downsides of this element of the game is that some of them are limited-time offerings, but it is possible they might come back in the future.


Our final mention had to be the Realms within the game. In a nutshell, the Realms are the story missions that transport you to far-off Disney worlds. There are a suggested total of 28 Realms, and they are based on stories such as Frozen, Moana, and Toy Story. Sounds exciting right?! Travelling outside your community to discover worlds of popular Disney and Pixar characters keeps the game interesting. In these worlds you will complete their missions earning you cosmetic and currency prizes. But the most exciting part is, doing so allows these new characters to move into your own community!

This guide only covers such a tiny amount of what’s included within Disney’s Dreamlight Valley… we encourage you to download it and give it a go for yourself. If you’re a Disney lover it’s a no-brainer, transforming you to worlds that have lived only on the movie screen, or in your imagination. Get the game here.

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