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All the 2021 Game Releases We're Looking Forward To

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It's a new year, and with that comes a calendar full of game releases! There are plenty of 2021 game releases to look forward to, but we've condensed a very long list into what we think will be the highlights.

Hitman 3 (January 20th) latest trilogy in the iconic Hitman franchise draws to a close this month. The locations and missions that have been unveiled so far look to be the perfect mix of intriguing story and challenging gameplay.

Little Nightmares 2 (February 11)

[embed][/embed]The creepy puzzle platformer returns in February this year. Perfect for playing in a dark and drizzly winter night!

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake (March 18)

[embed][/embed]We put a lot of hours into the original Prince of Persia growing up, so this remake definitely has us excited to relive it.

Monster Hunter Rise (March 26)

[embed][/embed]Monster Hunter fans certainly have no shortage of content, with the latest game hitting Nintendo Switch consoles in the spring.

Deathloop (May 21)

[embed][/embed]Bethesda's next game, Deathloop, looks like one of the most exciting (and deadly) 2021 game releases.

Back 4 Blood (June 6)

[embed][/embed]Zombie shooter fans, rejoice. Back 4 Blood looks set to deliver a grizzly dose of grim entertainment this summer.

Games slated for 2021 without release dates...

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

[embed][/embed]Lego and Star Wars go together like cake and ice cream. We just know this one will be a lot of fun!

Halo Infinite

[embed][/embed]We're hoping for a firm game release date for Halo Infinite asap, because it looks fantastic.

Far Cry 6

[embed][/embed]Far Cry games rarely disappoint. We're intrigued by the fictional location of Yara and what we've seen so far.

Gran Turismo 7

[embed][/embed]Who doesn't love a good racing game?

Horizon Forbidden West

[embed][/embed]One of the most critically acclaimed games of a generation, Horizon Zero Dawn is an all-time favourite for many. We just want more!

God of War: Ragnarok

[embed][/embed]We don't know much about the next God of War game just yet, but whenever it arrives, we're totally on board.

Hogwarts Legacy

[embed][/embed]If there's one thing Harry Potter fans have wanted for many years now, it's a decent open world game. It looks like they're about to get one.

Resident Evil Village

[embed][/embed]We love a Resident Evil game, and this looks like the creepy thriller we need.What game are you looking forward to getting your hands on the most this year? Stay up-to-date with our blog to make sure you never miss a new release.Don't forget to grab your Venom accessories to make sure you can really enjoy them!

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