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A quick guide to streaming your games in 2023

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Now that Christmas is over and we’re heading into the new year, maybe one of your goals is to start getting into the world of streaming.For so many gamers it’s the ultimate dream to make a living from your passion through streaming. But to be able to achieve any sort of success and stand out from the crowd, you need the right gear and the right knowledge. So, here’s ourguide for beginners who want to start streaming in 2023.

What exactly is game streaming?

Let’s start off with the basics, streaming a game means broadcasting yourself via the internet while youplay, so that other people can watch you. And as of recent years, thousands of gamers have taken to exactly that, whether it’s for 10 or 10 million viewers you can totally see the appeal. First of all, it’s fun for both parties, and people love to watch it for hours on end. You can stream with a PC, or a modern gaming console such as the Xbox Series X. Those who make it big time and have huge regular audiences, have the best software and the most streamlined set up. But it is of course achievable to stream at home to a much smaller audience with a choice of many simple platforms. The most popular streaming platforms include Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming. The most popular streaming service is Twitch, and in 2021 streaming of Grand Theft Auto V on Twitch alone was watched by approximately 2.1 billion people worldwide.

Streaming from your console

Whether you’re an Xbox lover, or a PS4 lover, as long as you have good broadband connection you can stream your gameplay at a basic level without any special equipment. There are many guides online for the specific console that you have. Streaming through your console is great for beginners just starting out as its simple, cost effective and easily accessible, but as you move on and become a more advanced streamer,you might notice some limitations such as interactions and options for commentary.So, you will probably find yourself wanting to move on to streaming via PC.

Streaming from a PC

Once you’ve decided you want to take streaming more seriously, we are presented with the issue of choosing the right hardware.Although streaming services are now very simple and often free, you still need that PC. Gaming PC’s have elements that are made specifically for streaming and handling a high volume of data. It needs to be fast to handle gaming and streaming at the same time. You’ll need a desktop that can show games at the maximum screen resolution, most streamers play at full HD (1,920 by 1,080 resolution, or 1080p) so that they to look as good as possible for their audience. If this sounds slightly intimidating, know that you don’t need to break the bank to achieve this, there are plenty of standard gaming PC’s that will run games well. Note that you will also need to consider things such as the graphics card, and the processor, more advice on these specifics can be found here.

Getting the set up just right

On a lighter note, there’s a few more key things to consider if you want to start broadcasting your gaming to a live audience. To step it up and notch and have a chance against the millions of others, make sure you’ve got good lighting. Your audience will want to see you clearly and it’ll get you looking that bit more professional.

A high-quality camera goes without saying, if you have the means to get your hands on a good digital camera, we suggest you do it.Audiences will expect a crystal-clear image with no pixelation. If you’re a beginner, the newest smartphone cameras can do the trick just fine.

If you’re really trying to be a pro, once you’ve got yourself a good camera and good lighting, why not get a green screen involved?Hide the mess of your bedroom and minimise the amount of disruption to the gaming. They might be a bit of a faff initially, but it’ll get you looking like a real professional in no time.

You can’t have good visuals without good sound, so a high-quality microphone is essential. Ideally one that blocks out the surrounding noise and just focuses on your voice. With great sound quality and a sleek design, the Venom LED Streaming Mic is perfect for recording, streaming and podcasts, a great addition to any gaming set up.

There’s so much more information out there when it comes to streaming, so do some of your own research alongside this quick guide. Then,whether you’re aiming for the big-time or just having fun with friends, we hope you can begin your streaming journey smoothly and feel motivated to give it a shot.

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